Hi I'm new and my name is Mike

How is everyone today? I’m fine.

I’m I in the right place to discuss this topic?

Thanks for moving this topic.

I’m fine, fiiiine like wine.

Welcome to [STRIKE]your doom[/STRIKE] RPGC.
Enjoy your stay.
And on behalf of the order of Magitek Knights I offer a hand of friendship.
We sure do get a lot of newcomers here don’t we.



Hi and welcome.

Hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi. Have a Munak and a Bongun.

HIIIIIIII!!!11111elevenses [glomps Ellerkerm and starts licking his soul]

He likes it! Hey Mikey!


Oh god no, not another mike ; ;

I mean, hi.


We’re going down cap’n! The newb has sunk our battleship!



Hey Mike. As long as you conform to everybody’s expectations, you’ll be fine. Also, once your post count gets high enough you can start insulting people. Have a good time!

I love you.

And my name is mike too! :DD weee.

Welcome… to your destiny! Mwahahahahahahaha! :booster:

Just out of curiosity when is that and you better hope Sir Fuzzi doesn’t see the answer or he might have another fifty posts in one day marathon.

Nice to meet ya Mike. Have a nice time while you’re here. ^^


Have a sugar-coated crouching Fierce canceled into Ground Tiger Cannon for your troubles.

I like peas,

OOOOOH FINE… And welcome to RPGC The one stop get made fun of by the higher-post-count people place! IT ROXXORZ!!!

lol, jk, this place is cool as long as you dont do what I just did… Be stupid… :slight_smile:

Which freak Starstorm? Welcome Mike/Ellerkerm, hope you like it here in rpgclassics dot com.