Hi I am Retard! (DDR Help!)

I’ve got a veeeeeeeery spiffy brand new Red Octane metal pad, but I can’t get the connector box to attach. The two screws on either side of the connectors (both of them) collide together so that the…spike things won’t go into the holes. Behold my technical genius. So if anyone knows how it’s supposed to go together, please help? Thanks!

Just mate the two screws with their holes, and twist the tops of them to screw them in. Let the pins connect as you screw, don’t try to connect the pins first.

Also, woo, someone else plays DDR here :slight_smile:

Not just “someone else!” It’s Faetan!

Zomg faetan sup nigs.

laughs and tackles respectively Hello, luvs! Anyway, the screws are the problem. They’re both the same, six-sided, with a little round hole in the middle. So they won’t connect to each other at all, they just kind of butt together in an irritating fashion.

http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/adux/metalpadtutorialsmall.wmv ?

Holy shit fuck. Its Fae!

Welcome back Faetan. hands Faetan a matchbook You done great kid, now you know what to do. :smiley:

By the way, what happen to Tannin?

I do DDR too.

Although the peeps won’t release them as Dance Dance Revolution, but “Dancing Stage.” Rar.

A few people here are DDR players, like myself. Take pics Fae. I’m utterly confused by what you’re trying to say is happening.

I play it, too. Not that well - barely beyond Medium stage on DDR Max - but I was still the best at it in my high school, so that counts for something I guess.

How much does a Hard Pad cost, anyway? I got a Soft Pad for about $50.

It was $200, ducks. And Tannin is busy with a buttload of RL stuff, but you bet she misses you guys. :too bad: ANYWAY! Here are the pics. Good suggestion, Sin!


The last one’s hard to see, but basically, the two screw/bolts get in the way of the spikes connecting and do not join together.

So basically your plug doesn’t fit in the hole. Are you sure that it is supposed to go that way?

Mostly sure! I have the spikes lined up properly, and there aren’t any connecting cables that I can see.

Thats really weird. I have cobalt fluxes myself, but they use the same connection system, so i dunno why you’d have trouble.

Fae’s problem is that the screws on the sides of the plugs meet and thus they block the proper entry of one plug into the other.

There are people who don’t play DDR? What empty lives they must lead.

As for me, I’ve got a nice little soft pad my parents got me from GameStop (or maybe EB Games) for like $30, and I like it more than any other pad I’ve played on.

Can you can use pliers and take out the “hex extenders” in the first pic?. They should unscrew like regular screws.