hi evryone

well im prety new here so thaught id just say hi, my name is Sindre age 22 and i live in a small city in Norway. Ben to some similar forums before so im not to unfamiliar with it. Havent ben roleplaying in a little while now though due to my old site being realy quiet, so i might be alittle rusty at it but hope il get innto it fast. gues therse not so mutch more to say in here :slight_smile:

OMG!!! HI there!!! Welcome to the Agora!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We rarely ever get “real” newcomers! (if any) …and after looking in your profile, I know you’re legit! :slight_smile: Btw, One of the administrators here, Nulani, is also from Norway! :smiley: It’s good to have a diverse group of people, it’s more interesting! :slight_smile:

Anyway welcome again and I hope you have fun here. See you around! :wave:

And queen of Numeror, nice. Welcome.

thanks for the nice welcome guys, and yea Rigmarole i got my nickname from tolkien, always ben a fan there. Cool to hear its atleast one more Norwegian here, dont see us mutch around online hehe

I like your avatar! It’s like futuristic with a slick animation! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks :slight_smile: ben using it on most forums and for some reason gets the nickname licker XD

That’s my nickname too. Guess who gave it to me.

Someone’s who’s face you tried to eat?

Wecome Ancalime! Yeah, watch out for Charl, he eats faces when he gets hungry. Now, don’t take anything here to seriosly and we’ll get along just fine.

First of all I havent eaten a face in like 5 years. second it was your mom that gave me that nickname

Thank god it wasn’t my mom.

LOL …you’re hilarious! I think Charle has a thing for peoples mums.

First you say you are black, then you say you have hairy arms, now you are saying mum? What are we supposed to believe!


  1. I am black.
  2. Practically all guys have hair on their arms.
  3. Practically 90% of Charlemagne’s comments have reference to someone’s mum.

What’s there not to believe? ^^

Jesus, did you like read an outdated wikipedia of me or something? I havent said anything about anyones mom in also around 5 years. Last time i said something about someones mom was when X2K and Mr Saturn was around.

Don’t take it so seriously… it was an exaggeration!

… I think your hi res pic would fit here quite nicely. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m being racist. I mean to say that mum is how the english say mom, and that there are no black english. It isn’t even really racist, it’s just stupid.

Oh… I didn’t realize that. Then I guess I trailed off with my response… sorry about that. Now it makes sense.

Welcome, that avvy looks like a black kirby ^.^

You mean African American Kirby.

You mean African Norwegian Kirby.