Hi Everyone..

Hi…im new to forums. So yeah. I hope I have fun here.
I read the rules. Ill try not to spam. Is that the word? Hahha, I hope so.

Welcome! see you around :slight_smile:

Sup Deuce. I invited him. He a good friend.

looks like a nice forum :smiley:

And for my first birthday present, a coupla NEWBS!

hisses at anyone who tries to take them

Hmm… you two remind me of Zorn and Thorn in FF9…

Oh well Shrug

Welcome to the RPGC boards… have a nice stay and beware of shoe thieves…


Originally posted by JoeSmoeCool
I read the rules.

Kagon will be happy. :3


Joe Smoe from Kokomo!


mugs the two newbs for Phoenix Downs

Originally posted by Pierson
[b]Kagon will be happy. :3

Hell0z. [/b]

Er… Pierson? Whatever happened to that “-insert newbie’s name here- EEZHEEERE” line of yours?


Salve! Welcome and hello, both of you!

stays well away from Nessa

Welcome to the highway.

gives Nessa some bow-ties a comb and a big tub in which she can bath her newbies <.<;


hello and welcome~ :enguard:

Hello and Welcome to Rpgc

Word of Advice: Every FF poll you can possibly think of has prolly been done so try not to make repeats

steals Joe and Deuce’s shoes


does the welcome dance

Hello and welcome.