Hi Everyone.

Hi. o.o I’m new here? Uhh, and just wanted to say hi.:biggrin:

Welcome. Ignore the freaky Communist.

Welcome to RPGC! Follow the rules and no one will be mad at you.

Hands over a cookie And obey cookies.

Welcome to RPGC! I see you’re from PA…have you ever, by chance, heard of a metal band called Baghead?

O.O -leans to the cookie, nibbling on it timidly while shaking her head- No, I haven’t ;-; and Thank you all!! n__n’

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Hi person, thing.’

you love those waving smilies don’t you nulani?

yeah, hi n welcome n stuff.

Hello Reyvn_Ira and welcome to RPGC. Please enjoy your welcome dance.

Hello! We’re a motley crew here at RPGC, but we won’t bite. Well, most of us wont, at least. XD

Another one? So much for spontaneity…

Welcome Reyvn . Agora isn’t your typical forum and is pretty fun once you get the hang of it and the people.
and enjoy you stay :slight_smile:

Welcome to RPGC.

If you’re into metal, you should check them out. They’re out of Pittsburg. There’s a guy in my platoon that’s from there, and he showed them to me. Baghead rocks!

I don’t bite, but I do SURPRISE SEX!

Just kidding!

Yo. Sup?

Hello, fellow newbie.

When was the last time we had a wave of newbie threads like this? I can’t remember.

Anyway, welcome. We’re all mostly harmless.

Because Pittsburgh is, of course, the only town of significant size in PA, and everyone is interested in metal. Philly pwns Pittsburgh. (Disclaimer: In the unlikely event that you’re sensitive enough to take umbrage at my statement [you panzy], I’ve nothing against Pittsburgh or metal; and I went to Duquesne, which is in Pittsburgh).

Oh yeah, this is a welcome thread. Hi there, Revyn. Enjoy the forums.

umm… dont know it in any other language…

Hi and welcome!

What the? You’ve never talked before me before.

I wanted a change in pace. :slight_smile:

Um, okay. Yeah, welcome to RPGC!