DON’T HATE ME CAUSE I’M OBSESSED WITH JOHNNY!!! Hate me cause I have nothing better to do…

Can you like, never post again? This isn’t junior high (though sometimes I wonder…)

(I jest)

We dont hate you, youre just being a bit random in which most people dont like. Just calm down a little.

I think many people have forgotten why you were chased out of here in the first place.

The best thing to do wouldve been to just resume posting.

…unless you were that person who posted 3 times than admitted he was a man and had ‘fooled us all’. Then you should just go, otherwise wb.

Who are you?

That was the Aurora Borealis chick. What is with 14 year olds going flakey anyways. This is like the third time this has happened.

.<!-- . -->

Third or fourth.

Chern, Auroa, what ever the hell you’re going by, cut the crap and get a life.

Huh? I really can’t tell what in Hell you’re talking about.

Wascawwy Wabbit.

Why do people think that because they did something stupid months ago for less than a week or something, we’ll remember it and hold it against them, or something? Works in reverse too: Why do people think that because they posted a few times, they’re automatically a well-respected and trusted member of the community?

I haven’t been here since like, a week after I registered in June… so uhhh… can someone please fill me in on what’s going on?

Done and done!

Johnny Depp told me he hates you, Cherubis!

Get the fudge out!
I believe I am saying fudge yourself, the fudge ya get, the fudge out.

Now, who are you anyway?

Exactly, Steve “.”


I wanna hear that one sound clip of Neb’s again.

You tell us.

I never acted likie I was already a member. I acted like a dumbass teenage girl. But not like you guys had already accepted me.