Hey you! Yeah, you, the guest reading this.

Join up already! Yeah yeah, creating accounts is boring, just use your stock password.

It seems there were 60 guests looking at the forums when I opened them today and 25 when I quit. Looks like there’s still some traffic here.

Most of them, as I recall, are bots.

Can a “bot” be detected as a viewer? 0.o

Yes, though, if you click ‘numbers of users online’ you’ll see them identified as the bots they are.

Bots or existing members too lazy to sign in.

They could have graced us with a “LOL!” comment at least. Bots in my day used to have manners dontchaknow.

Maybe they’ll be radioactive spiderbots that one day will bite us and we’ll have an agora full of Spider-powered individuals?

I never log out. That’s how [STRIKE]lazy [/STRIKE] hardcore I am.

Word, Tril.

Maybe naming the bots spiders is a PR move to improve the standing of spiders with humans.

Fuck man, those killzone spiders scare me.