Hey you, the fine men and women calling themselves fantasy nerds!

Hey, no flack on the nerd term, I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t one myself.

I’m writing a huge-ass paper on fantasy and women therein, and for the sake of a side-discussion on magic I need to know which word Swedish translators have used for the word “warlock”. Lexicons list it as “trollkarl”, but that’s “wizard”, and those I have asked about it think “svartmagiker” (black mage/magician :D) or “häxmästare” (witch master… wouldn’t that be the Devil?) sound better.

Can anyone think of some English fantasy stories where there are warlocks? I need some suggestions, because I’m drawing a blank.
“Warmage” is something different. I’m interested in warlocks because according to an encyclopedia of fantasy terms I’m using, a warlock is a male witch.

Glenn Cook, Darkwar trilogy book #2, Warlock. Thanks for choosing us for all your warlock-related needs. 20% off cheese in aisle 4.

Oh god, there was this great story I read where they called the evil wizards warlocks, or something, but for the life of me, I can’t think of it :confused: I can tell you that Warlocks don’t seem to be nearly as common in the fantasy literature I’ve read as Wizards and Sorcerors.

Warlock was a hero class in Heroes of Might and Magic II. You might try looking up a site in Swedish on it and see how they translated it.

M&M? You make me proud, TrkJac.

Witch master is a warlock dude.