Hey, you know what rocks more then WoW?

I’m staying out of this

No way. Tetris is stupid and lame! WoW is r0xx0r and l33t! plzyes

Does WoW have Korobeiniki in it? I think not. That, my friends, is the best Tetris song. I forget which one it is though.

See Izlude? This is people making fun of those who play MMORPGs.

I’m level 60 in tetris with elite T blocks.

Fuck that shit. I have 5 (Soon to be 7) pieces of SC and Kal has all 8 of WH. We own j00.

Well, I’m just a Straight Line away from a Tetris, Ramza. So hah.

Is a Tetris where you completely clear the screen?

why don’t you roll a katamari about it?


Wow, Ramza knows nothing. A Tetris is where you put one of the 1x4 pieces down and clear 4 lines at once. It’s an amazing feat, because those things seem to disappear from the game whenever you have the opportunity to make a Tetris.

Yeah well I made 35g in an hour tonight. Beat that bitchface!


Agreed. Excitebike is the shit. First NES cart I played. Ever. Tetris still is cooler than MMORPGS, though. I play the offline version of PSO on my cube and that eats away at my soul more than enough.

But …

D&D 2E>Excitebike.

Ironically, I play Tetris at a friend’s house while 3 people there play WoW on a wlan. :smiley:

There is something better than Tetris, though…

<IMG SRC=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/mrsaturn/paneldepon.png”>

Mr. Saturn. Three of you know what you are doing, but I won’t tell who doesn’t. It’s you.

Well, while you kiddies drop $10/month or more into one game, I save that money and buy a new game every 3-5 months (actually, I typically buy at least 2-4 games a month regardless…). I tried MMOs with FFXI, and I lost interest then, and I don’t see anything about WoW that would keep my interest. So, I stick with my Panel de Pon, thank you.

Star Fox: Assault
Nuff said

Until you leave your ship.

Agreed! I used to netplay that with a friend for hours and hours on end, and it was so much fun!