Hey, you know what rocks more then WoW?


The Russians have succeeded in conquering the world of videogames.

Damn straight.

I tend to disagree :frowning:

Song B isn’t as good as Song A.

Tetris sucks goatpenis! Can you kick THIS much ass in Tetris?

Yes. Yes, you can.

Contrary to WoWers’ original beliefs, WoW is not the only game in which people can post screeshots. To backup my point, I shall post a screenshot of Tetris right now.

you can do anything in Tetris!

I just got an idea; a tetris mod for Half-Life 2! Then the game will finally be perfect!


Next Question. What Rocks More than Tetris?

well, you all can come up with your own answers, but my answer is Song A

Level 0? What’s the matter… afraid of a CHALLENGE? 8P

EDIT: I like Song C.

What are you talking about, I stole this omage from GIS. Just like YOU did. :stuck_out_tongue:

In Dalton’s defense, it was I who GISed the first image, not him.

Tetris losing ground to, wait, what’s that? Oh, the results are amazing! It’s as if my whole tetritic world has collapsed at once like so many blocks of different shapes and colours crashing down in an apocalyptic form!!!


The SNES version has awful, eardrum-shattering music.

That might be so, but I leave the music off and play the remix Fever tracks I’ve found.


That sounds fun. 8)

Have you ever tried the Mixed Match mode? I thought it was pretty neat, myself.

Tetris sucks ass, face it.

Edit: Picture down for editing. You still suck ass


k here it us, assuckinubs

Editagain: I messed the picture up, hold on ass suckers

K here is teh pwnag nubz

Watch out for the HUGE giants.

No man, you’re dumb. The only possible thing that could make WoW better then Tetris is if you could play Tetris in WoW, and even then it’d still be sketchy.