Hey World! You dead yet!?

Welp, today’s the 21st of May. And according to some 89 yr old conservative whack job and a bunch of billboards, today’s the day the world’s gonna end. None of that Mayan 2012 bullshit here. This is pure Christian Armageddon we’re talking about. So let me know when we’ve hit the end because I’m gonna be way too busy sleeping, getting homework done, playing video games, and furiously masturbating to internet porn in the meanwhile to check.

Well, technically, it’s the Rapture, when all the believers are supposed to be transported (body and all) directly up to heaven…the actual end of the world is to be on October 21st. But if you’ve actually read the Bible, nobody is supposed to know when all that shit goes down except God.

Of course, I’m rooting for the Atheist Apocalypse: http://www.viruscomix.com/page433.html

Does anyone here honestly believe in any of the theories of the “end of the world”?

I think we’re ok. The end of the world is just for people too much of pansies to deal with it in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, so I’m not cleared to eat about 300 Twinkies since it wouldn’t matter?

it’s officially the 22nd here in China and much to my disappointment, we’re all still alive.

And here I thought I was hearing about an incoming raptor invasion. What a letdown.

You know, either nothing happened or death is surprisingly a lot like life. Overall I’m kinda disappointed in this end of the world business. It’s like Y2K all over again (if nobody gave half a damn about Y2K).

Oh well, see you guys next kooky end times prediction.

I still got 2 hours motherfuckers!

How could you still have 2 hours?

Even if it was raptors, I’m safe because I don’t have lever door handles!

Earthquakes. Radiation. Tsunamis. Volcanic ash. Hate. Where is Captain Pollution?

Aaand he’s trying again now, saying it’s gonna be in five months instead. Definitely this time.

For sure.

Guy’s got some gall.

At some point it might be better for him to just admit he was wrong.

I’m surprised they haven’t put him in the home yet. Dude’s like, gone totally senile man. Of course for him, every day could be his last. But then again you don’t see me throwing up billboards every time grandpa starts pointing at something shouting “DEEAATTTHHH!!!”.

…he does this often, does he?

He had written about it in 1988 or sometime around that… and he said that the end could be in 94, but if it wasn’t 94, then it’d be 2011. And May would be the beggining of the end, with the credits rolling on the screen by October.

Which is quite an achievement. Many people have some epic fail at some point in their lives, but few can claim they’ve failed so hard so often.

I was at a bar when May 21 hit. People toasted and took shots when they didn’t rapture up.

Maybe he should stop waiting around and take matters into his own hands, build some nukes or cook up some anthrax or something. What a pussy,

In part of his apology speech he’s said it’s a spiritual rapture. Wouldn’t that mean there’s a whole bunch of soulless christians walking around?