You too, Trilly :3

Happy holidays! :smiley:


A Merry Christmas, to all you breeders!


Hyvää Joulua?

Have thee a pleasant Yuletide.

I kinda tried to find a christmas carol by Diablo, but I guess this will suffice. (Check out Diablo’s version of Dancing Queen.)

Merry Christmas indeed. Huzzah!

Merry Christmas Trilly :hahaha;

Merry Christmas! Speaking of, it’s actually snowing down here on Christmas Eve (yay Texas random weather). So we actually get a white Christmas this year.

Yes. Merry Fucking Christmas indeed.

I’m sure you’ll all get something nice for Christmas! Unlike this kid.

Merry Christmas, RPGC.

Bah Humf**k.

Merry christmas to everyone here. Except you. Yes you, you know who you are. I’m watching you right now. In fact, I’m in the same room as you right now. Turn around.

Oh and sorry to whoever sent me a message on MSN, I tend to forget the thing is on and end up leaving.

Merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

First time posting via an iPod :smiley:

Merry Christmas, folks. :slight_smile: :moogle:

Oh god. Finally got a fuckn ps2. What games should I get?

Merry Christmas everyone.

MeH! Humbugmas.

Merry Christmas!! :smiley:

We got a White Holidays out here too for once. Too bad that by “White Holidays” I mean complete white out. We’re literally swimming up to our eyeballs in snow out here and its still coming. Its so bad its taken out at least one f***in’ window on my house due to the weather.

That aside, Merry F***in’ Holidays RPGC! :toast:

No snow here in Vancouver. Just… clear skies. Oh Canada, where is your snow?