Hey! That weapon smith just bought my fist!

I was just sitting around remembering some old text-based internet game, and I can’t for the life of me recall the name of it. I’m pretty sure there was a dragon in the name, but that’s all.

As I said, text based, with some illustrations here and there. You just went out into a forest and started whooping on the monsters, which were always humorous in one way or another. I recall that when killing a baby unicorn you got the message “You feel like a jerk for killing something so cute”. If you died, the god of death had you torture evil souls until you could get back to life.
The title of the thread is from the weapon buying - you sold your old weapon to the smith and he gave you a new one. And since the first weapon was your own fists… hm.

I think the goal was to kill a dragon, which would appear when your level got high enough. Anybody knows what I’m babbling about?

Sorry for the useless reply, but coincidentally, I just started going through the tutorial course for writing one of those in TADS3 today. I though it was funny since I’ve never seen anyone here mention text-based IF before and just now you come up with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Were there two-handed weapons in the game?

Seraphim: Coincidences like that makes the world go round :wink:

I think you actually only had a weapon and an armor, so no shields or anything involved. Weapons included your fist first, then a shovel, a poker (I think), and eventually weapons that were actually MADE to be weapons. It was quite a quirky game.


Nope, it wasn’t so well known I believe. Probably isn’t around anymore either, though it would be easier to search for it if I knew the name, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s clear then. They cut off your arm, thus you got no two-handed weapons or shields.

Pictures involved but vast majority is text based huh… is this one of the earliest D&D games?

Os some sort of MUD or BBS game?

Just like in Summoner XD

Khal: I don’t think it was that old. As I recall it, it was like just going to a website and you clicked on a list of actions to do, like “Fight” when in battle. I believe I played it three or four years ago.

Okay, that IS old in Internet-time.