Hey mods, close this thread and then continue to post in it

I’d like to know, and I like to change this thread now that I think about it.

Damn you Charlie. I was going to say “Let the Porn thread go you weenies!”

Heh, I was about to make a thread about this. I don’t see why the porn thread is closed and the mods are sitll posting in it. Just let it die. Isn’t that the purpose of closing it? It is just taking up space on the main board.

They’re MOCKING us!

I imagine CT will come to the GBA after FF3 does, IMHO.

And I think Square will never release FF3j because they’re too lazy.

CT in the uk?!

Pulls GBA out of pokect, Removes Pokémon Gold and put the cart by Sword of Mana

In Here PLEASE!! Points to Now vacant slot

Big Nutter
Finds an Italion plumber from 1989

The porn thread is still there so the site will get more hits. Don’t you know what people search for on google these days?


no no no Sinistral, what we do is leave this thread open and not talk in it at all now.


I thought the porn thread thing was funny, that is something i would do, if I had the power.

Merlin, Sin, Zero (or any one who can do this.)

Could you remove the link in the porn. I would do it myself but the lock down effectly makes it impossible.

Big Nutter

And the posting in the porn thread continues.