Hey, lookit me, I'm famous...

… well not really.

<a href=“http://enterprise.southofboston.com/articles/2004/12/06/news/news/news07.txt”>I’m the second part. I was the driver.</a>

Augh, that sucked. Junked the car today, got all my stuff from it. Nothing in the car was broken, and the three of us made it out of it with a couple of bruises and cuts.

Fucking youths. People ask me why I don’t have my license at 18, and this is why. (Well, this, and it’s become such a status thing that it disgusts me.)

Ha ha. I just insulted you. I guess.


Good thing that you’re okay, but also good luck facing the charges. In my opinion they suck as much as losing the car.

On a side note, I thought you were a 20-year-old girl. It says there were three guys in the car and the driver was 16.

Owies. Glad you’re okay.

Way to stay up to date with all the confession threads.

As someone once said, “Ah the internet. Where the men are men and so are the women.”

And where the little girls are really FBI agents.

Not my Calipoo ;_; And just after you got your lisence, haha. You’re off to a great start, huh.

I don’t have my license at 22, but the State of Ohio took it away from me. Because I was found in possesion of marijuana/paraphernalia. While sitting in the back seat of my friend’s car, less than three weeks after I got my license reinstated. And then I was caught driving with a suspended license. Now I live in Colorado, and still don’t have a license.

On another note, when I was 13, my photo was in the Toledo Blade. I placed 16th in a statewide spelling bee.

The sad thing is at 22, I don’t look much different. I’m taller, my face is a little rougher(still don’t have facial hair, though), and my hairline is receding.

Yea, an absolutely rockin’ start. :smiley:

Ouch. Good job Cala :P. What was it like to be in a car that flipped? Good luck with the investigation.

Really fast. It was like “we’re upright!” “ACK UPSIDE DOWN!”

And let this be a lesson. Seat belts saved our lives. We would’ve snapped our necks.

Indeed. I 'm sorry to remind Infonick of what happened to his friends, but some of them weren’t wearing seatbelts when their car flipped and it wasn’t good.

Goddamn, Cala. Great job :smiley:
I’m glad you and your friends are okay, though =D

Haha, stop rationalizing being lazy as some sort rebellion against the status quo.

You rolled it? Nice.

And Ren: Suprise! Shes a he! :smiley:

Holy crap, glad to know you’re okay. I’m guessing they’re not letting you keep the license, right?

I doubt it. I have 3 charges against me. Operating to endanger, driving outside of the marked lanes, and a JOL violation (wasn’t supposed to have people in the car).

What’s JOL?

Wow, at least your ok. You could argue against the Operating to Endanger (what the hell does that mean? You were driving with intent to injure other people? They call shit like that reckless driving down here…) as juvinile stupidity, I don’t quite grasp what driving outside of the marked lanes means (what, you were driving down the middle of the road?) and I hate those damn JOL violations. That shits nonsense.

Eitherway you look at it, you just lost your license.

edit: A JOL violation is a Junior Operating License Violation. You get a Class C license if you’re under 18 when you get your license. Basically it states that you can’t be driving out past midnight, you can’t have anybody under 21/isn’t a family member in the car with you. They can’t pull you over for it (unless its driving after curfew, in which case they’ll just tell you to go home) but if you get in an accident or something you’ll probably find yourself slapped with one of these. It just makes it easier for them to steal your license.

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