Hey, look what I just bought

Oh yeah mother fucker! :victoly:

Aww… I have 10" smaller… :confused: Then again, it’s just a regular flat one. Saving money is powerful, indeed.

Aww. I swear I’m upgrading when I get my house.

I have a 17" Toshiba - looks great in 1080i even though it’s interlaced. I don’t have a lot of room so it works pretty good for me.

Berry berry noice. Wish I had one - I stiil use a regular tv (eet-gasp!).

Fuck you and your cool job >:(

I hope you left something at the store so you have a half-working TV to go with your half-working futon with no mattress >:(


Rar, lucky. Nothing electronic in our house is flat. >O

Not even a microwave?

… a flat microwave? Last time I checked those were kind of cube…ish.

The front door is flat.

Flat TVs are still rectangular prisms.

You son of a bitch.

I am filled with envy.

Fucking neversoft

rolls eyes

19 inch, 25+ year model from the Brick. Cost next to nothing.

Someone can tell me not to touch that dial, and it’d actually matter. :stuck_out_tongue: Ehh, it works like a charm given its age.

You keep your expensive, over-sized, amazingly awesome piece of rubbish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it’s only a TV.

What’s with the rubbish resolution? My old 20" can handle 1024x768.

I hope you bought a lot of potato chips and beer to go with that.

I’m going to get one soon too. I just have to reorganize my room a little bit and remodel my closet to get enough wallspace. I’m probably only going to get a 26" to 30" LCD one though.

Mine is the same size and flat, but not thin D:

Very smexy


Very nice, wish I had one like that.

Oh well can’t have everything in life. Will just have to live with the decent one I have back home.