Hey, let's have a Nintendo challenge!

So yeah, now that the boards`are up, I thought maybe it would be fun to have a little high score challenge on some old NES game. I chose Paperboy :smiley:

The idea is simple. Play Paperboy, get a highscore, post it here. Let’s see who can get the best high score. Also, you can post little tricks and tactics that you think are useful. (There really are some in Paperboy though you might not think so) The only rule I can think of is no using savestates.

If you don’t have a cartridge of it (I know I don’t anymore :P), go ahead and e-mail me with the word Paperboy in the subject, and I’ll send you…a PC version, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, my first score and only attempt (it’s late :P) is


Good luck kids.

Damn you. If I was 10 years younger, I’d have kicked that high score so hard in the ass, even your mom would have hurt from it.

finished the original Paperboy with something like 131,078 if he remembers clearly, but his NES is BUSTED beyond repair

Well, my highest score was 10,370. I know, I suck.

I’m sorry, but if I took you up on that NES high score challenge, I would SO rape the Savestate function on my Emulator. Sorry. Why not a Fan NES review like I did? I’m planning on releasing a second edition this summer, btw.

Well, I’d assume we’d have some sort of honour code thing going that people wouldn’t abuse the savestate function to get a higher score.

starts downloading pre-made savestates with seven-digit scores What’d you say Kag?

Something… about… not cheating… dammit =P

Just had a spark of inspiration…

Paperboy. The REAL Plot!: Jimmy O’Brian. Age 10. 4th grade, flunked twice so far. Neighborhood Loser who has nothing better to do than waste his allowance on backwards caps, skateboards, and useless punk stuff. His parents are royally pissed at his grades and warn him if he fails ONE more time, they will send him to Russia to be in the next Rygar game. Jimmy doesn’t have a problem with this but then again, he always hated the movies Rambo and Rocky (Honk if you know why this with Rygar ^_^) so he grudginly takes up a Newspaper delivery service. Jimmy, not wanting to contribute a decent amount of his spoiled-brat earned money on a durable bike goes to the dumpster and gets some ratty old bike that falls upon contact with most things and has only TWO ways to go provivded it’s ON the bike: Left sideways and Right sideways. The seat’s made of some sort of granite/concrete thing and really gets him in a shitty mood whenever he rides it, so he flings his newspapers has hard as he can manage left or right, not caring where it goes. Sometimes, it gets delivered, the othertime it’s just a Black and White roll-up enimea for some unlucky grandma. His boss tells him to do the WHOLE neighborhood, but little Jimmy O’Brian just does one street a week and then spends the day with the rest of his loser friends at the skate park, where he tries to bust-a-move on his piece of shit bike.

Conclusion: Somehow Jimmy racked up enough cash to go and be a politician, and became govoner of his Suburbia, then later turned to a life of crime. His boss never fired him for his slipshod work, because he paid Jimmy to paper-raid his Mother-in-laws home once a week.


So yeah, how bout them HIGH scores :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if I had an NES … aww, screw that, if I had a Gamecube, I’d play it in Animal Crossing. Or, wait, is it even in Animal Crossing?

New Score! 43,150!

I’ll post a score once I get the rom and such =P