Hey, it's a fun flash game...


It’s got Voltron, it’s got Christopher Reeve, it’s got cool music, it’s got Hillary Duff being fingerbanged, its got Bush Hate… what more could ya want?

Want cookie.

That game… is ridiculously awesome.

that was great, though my comp hated it with a vengeance.

It’s a cool game, it’s just too long with the educational sequences. But I did learn a number of things, such as no farmer had ever lost their farm as a result of the estate tax.

And it’s bigger than my screen resolution! :smiley:

yeah, the scrolling kinda sucked, but it is funny as hell.

Lady liberty was a babe.

Pretty cool.

Amusing and enlightening, despite a bug that got me stuck in mid-air.

Not like Bush was getting my vote any way. Pretty informative, though in bad taste at some points, like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man.

That game is depressing and so wrong at the same time. It is depressing since most of that stuff I have seen elsewhere in the news, so it isn’t exactly anti-Bush, just stating the facts. It has some wrong stuff though, such as the Bush senior and Barb fight. Ew.

Pretty fun. :slight_smile:

Let’s never speak of that again.