Hey. I'm new.

If ruling means being the biggest chokers in Major League Baseball history, then you’re right.

And George Steinbrenner is a jackass too.

I win.

Oh yeah, I DID this from Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Chronicles of Earthsea. Great series.

Sparrowhawk from a Wizard Of Earthsea right?

Welcome. I suffer from schizophrenia and it’s fun…sometimes.


Welcome aboard, Sparrowhawk. :slight_smile:

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘WoW isn’t wow.’

That’s three words. Bitch.

Yeah. LeGuin’s great fantasy series. Kickass.

Damn strait! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun while you’re here. ^^
I think my roomie is from Manhattan or was it somewhere near by…

Ignore the funny warnings/welcomes… look away from the big ‘Don’t let this guy out’ sign on my cage, and leave my cell door open, please?

See? Told you you’d like this place. :wink:

Welcome to RPGC, I shall not bother telling you where the entrance is, but the exits are near the back and front of the forum. Thank you for choosing RPGC for alll your gaming needs.

I am suprised you people have not scared him off already. Damn people should learn to play nic–

Have you theen my kitty? People keep twying to eat him.

–e with the n00bs. You people just end up breaking them.

“We are all mad, here.”

A shiney penny to whoever can figure where that quote came from.

Me- “I have some business to take care of. takes out green afro wigand silver sequin suit and elevator shoes
Me- “and a chainsaw
GG Crono- “sigh
“I’m tired and in no mood to put up with this crap.”

Direcly quoted from a chat conversation with me and GG Crono.
Still not convinced?

I’ll sleep in the White House after I attack it by flying out of palm trees with my horde of flying sloths.

Also taken directly from a chat conversation with me and. . . myself.

Fly Sloths are native to Transilvania only. If you take them out of their environment, the evil vampires attack you and you have to sick you cows on them with laser beams. Then the vamps counter with evil monkeys from your closet and your forced to call in the ape chiwawas on platapus cavalry.

Shuuut uuuup… If you tell them where the exits are…


sits in a chair in the corner petting his kitty

Oh, yes, forgot about that. insane giggle


BURN. But I do agree with that second part.


Hey welcome