Hey. I'm new.

Hi guys, I’m new to this.

Just thought to say a little about me so you can get to know me. You can call me Sparrowhawk. I live in Manhattan, New York. My favorite things to do are pretty much based on electronic gaming. :slight_smile: I play alot of Neverwinter Nights, and I got into WoW just recently. Anybody share some interests?

Hi, and welcome and all…
And definitely, Neverwinter Nights is a nice bit o’ fun!

You into any of the old-school games? SNES, Genesis, that sorta era?


Do enjoy yourself around these parts.

Sparrowhawk… As in LeGuin’s Sparrowhawk? Or the actual bird?

As a rule it is best not to take anything too seriously around here. But that ain’t an order, so oh well.

Well welcome and whatever.

Yankees suck.

Ahkyka: “Ciban Roban Ketto Famlusa Drnayt” Suta!! HUF!!! Re, E’s Big Nutter yht E’ja zicd aydah 3.7755 Kg uv Cranpand Masuhc!! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

(Translation from Al-Bhed: “Engage: “Super Hyper Giddy Welcome Thread” Mode!! NOW!!! Hi, I’m Big Nutter and I’ve just eaten 3.7755Kg of Sherbert Lemons!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”)

What! Hi, I like to be called Dark Angel or Darkie. It would appear that Nutter is non-control method. I applogise for My English. Would you like a Prade in your Honour? Deja Vu?

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He could be a Mets fan.




Welcome, Sparrowhawk. :wave:

You can find WoW comments in some of our other forums (like the Video Game Forum.)


True. But even if he is, the Yankees still suck.

And Pedro is a bitch.

I’m a Angels Fan, BTW!



Shouldn’t you like, watch cricket or something?

Hi dude. Read my sig if you wanna find out more.

I like the Angels, But I can’t tell you whom is on the team. Same goes for the England Cricket Squad.

Internatal MotorSport on the other hand. F1 - Button-BAR

Welcome. Would you like the last shred of your sanity preserved in Mylar?

Okay first off, yes Neverwinter Nights is a great one. Never played D&D though, I’m 13 years old and thats kind of an 80’s thing. I’m really interested in it though, but I have no real friends to play with and I can’t find an online version for my computer:(

Secondly yankees RULE. But George Steinbruner is a jackass. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thirdly I say once again that I am 13 years old and never grew up with a SNES, therefore I never really got into it with all the new technology and such :).

Thanks for posting on my thread. ;p

Welcome, welcome.
WARNING: Trust no one.
That’s a word of advice for you.