Hey, I can write non-fanfic humor, too! (I hope...)

This thingy here is for my writing course portfolio for this term, so tell me if it’s any good. Basically it’s a vignette for the kind of hero/villain relationship I prefer - a kind of hate-love strain :slight_smile: Enjoy!

<u>Random generic villain and hero, Anjastyle</u>

“So…” Drawling, sarcastic tone.

“You’re going to ask me a stupid question, aren’t you?” Mild amusement.

“Yes, I’m rather sure that you’ll think it stupid.” Sarcasm. Brief pause. “I feel inclined to agree that it is.”

“Go ahead.” Still mild amusement.

“Fine then.” The sarcasm is attempting to hide the annoyed tone of the voice. “So, let’s see. Despite the fact that you’ve tried to kill me for twenty odd years…”

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” Light sigh, nostalgia?

“I haven’t really found it in my heart to label it as fun to fight your cohorts.” Dry annoyance.

“You should get your own.” Faint smirk.

“You should stop attacking me.” Annoyance.

“There’s very little else for me to do, dear.” Teasing.

“Sure.” Deadpan.

Nod. “Anyway, you were saying?”

“Right, despite all this, as soon as I get in trouble with somebody else, you hold out a hand and offer a ceasefire until we’ve gotten rid of this new freak.” Emotionless.

“Are you calling me a freak?” Rising eyebrow, twitching smile.

“Of nature.” Nod.

“Now you’re just rude, my friend.” Faked abhorrence.

“I am truly sorry.” The sarcasm is back with reinforcements.

“Shame on you, indeed.” Fold arms, snicker.

“Whatever. What I was trying to say-” There goes the dry annoyance again.

“Your stupid question, yes… what was it?” Nod, nod. Patient, amused.

“You also said that you’d help, and you wouldn’t harm me, nor my allies in the process.” Really, really dry.

“That sounds familiar, yes.” Smirk widening slightly. “But you didn’t believe me.”

“Certainly not.” Coldly.

“Caution is a virtue, yes.” Smile.

“Why, thank you.” Sarcasm. “Though you profusely assured that it was only in your interest to get rid of a rival.”

“That’s the full truth, my friend.” Nod. “I’m the resident evil force in this area.”

“I’d prefer if there’d be none.” Sigh.

“I’m sure. But until you can get rid of me as well you’ll be stuck with at least one.” Smirk. Close to laughter.

“So I have understood long ago.” Dry.

“Smart boy.” Smirk. “So… out of options and nearly trapped by this other fellow you did the only sensible thing you knew, which was accepting my help despite better knowledge.”

“Yes, that’s the gist of it.” Sigh.

“And here we are, planning away against our common enemy. What could you possibly complain about?” Smile teasingly.

“Well, that’s when we <I>finally</I> get to that stupid question I wanted to ask.” Barring teeth.

“Now, now, don’t grimace at me like that.” Really amused. “Just ask that question so we can get back to planning.”

“Fine.” Deep breath. Calm, controlled voice. “Are you going to let me off this wall anytime soon?”

Tilts head. “Aww… but you’re just so cute hanging there.”

“Admit that you lied.” Cold.

“Why, I never!” Faked abhorrence II.

“You did.” Very cold.

“I did not.” Wide smile. “But you’re staying there for a while longer. I like the sight.”

Sigh. “Figures.”

lol :smiley:

I can really see before me how they are talking, and at first you only see their faces.
Then when the hero asks the question, it zooms out to reveal what it actually looks like.

Very nice :yipee:

Heeeeee Very cute. That gave me a few chuckles.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I appreciate it. Anything that you think I should add? Someone in my writer’s group thought that it didn’t feel quite complete, and I think she’s right. I just can’t think of a good continuation.

Hmmm… well, the simple “both characters walk away” conclusion won’t work, because one of them is chained to the wall. 8) Maybe the villian could say something like “Sorry to leave you hanging” and then step out, and the last line the hero utters is “How did I allow myself to get captured?” That’s about the best conclusion that comes to mind. 8)

But it’s good, Weiila. I particularily like this line.

Tilts head. “Aww… but you’re just so cute hanging there.”

To see an RPG villian say that is always good for a laugh. 8)

finally stops laughing and stiches his side back together Damn you, Weiila! You did a good job!

Ahem. That is, because I’ve made a second version of this thingy. Got an assignment for Creative Writing in which we should have two people interacting and a heavy dose on “show, don’t tell”. Not sure how well I did with the no-tell part though. Ah well, here we go.

It was dark. That was probably the first thing anybody would notice, unless the spectator happened to be blind.

Cloth softly rustled to the low sound of slow, deliberate steps.

The peace then shattered momentarily under the weight of a sharp, rasping sound. It echoed for a few moments, lingering in the air like a sour aftertaste in the ears. During the time that the sound was born and while it died away, a small, bluish flame rose from a long stick that seemed to float in the darkness by its own will. But as it moved, the ghastly illumination briefly touched the hand that held the stick, delicate fingers and long nails.

Cloth rustled again in sync with the flame’s movement, and a candle came into view in the small pool of light. 

With two flames alight, one could briefly see the hint of a woman’s face before the first flame moved away from the second. At least it appeared to be a woman’s face, a guess based on the soft chin and full lips. Much more hadn’t been given away. 

The stick and flame moved away from the burning candle, further into the darkness without giving anything new away. It appeared to know no haste.

“So…” came a sudden voice from the other end of the blackness, opposite of the way the wandering flame was going.

A man’s voice, the single word spoken slow enough to rival the movements of the fire. The echo only strengthened the drawl.

Without giving the flame a pause, a female voice answered the low call. 

“You are going to ask me a stupid question, aren’t you?” she smiled.

“Yes, I’m rather sure that you’ll think it’s stupid,” he agreed.

There was a slight pause in the dialogue, but not long enough for the woman to say anything more. The man spoke first again.

“I feel inclined to agree that it is,” he admitted after the thoughtful break.

“Go ahead then,” she offered, the smile still in her voice.

While she said this, another candle came into view. This time when she lit it, she placed herself in front of the light. For the seconds it took to lit the candle her elegant form was therefore illuminated, a silhouette of an upper body drawn against the darkness by an unruly blue light. It seemed to glow and twitch because of the restless flames’ dancing. The man however appeared too impatient to fall for the spooky poetry in the scene, as he didn’t pause this time before he spoke.

“Fine then. So, let’s see… despite the fact that you’ve tried to kill me for twenty odd years…”

But there, she cut him off.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” she chuckled while moving away from the newly lit candle.

“I haven’t really found it in my heart to label it as fun to fight your cohorts,” he retorted.

The now three small fires, despite their peculiar hue, might have been able to lit a hope that the temperature would rise above the just barely uncomfortable chill. Not exactly cold, but enough to bring out goose bumps on bare skin.

“You should get your own,” she smirked while moving towards a new location.

“You should stop attacking me.”

“There’s very little else for me to do, dear.”


Judging from the positions of the two steady light-sources and the path the wandering flame was on, one could guess that the woman was heading towards a third candle, that would be just across the way from the first one. If that calculation was true, there would surely be a forth one, positioned to face the second.

“Anyway, you were saying?”

She was smiling again. 

There was another pause as he deeply breathed in and out. Only after that did he start the conversation again.

“Right, despite all this, as soon as I get in trouble with somebody else, you hold out a hand and offer a ceasefire until we’ve gotten rid of this new freak.”

The flame stopped moving.

“Are you calling me a freak?”

“Of nature.”

“Now you’re just rude, my friend!”

But she laughed as she said this, lighting another candle placed just where the calculation had expected it to be. While listening to his apparent lie, she began to move closer, towards the place where the last candle should be. 

“I am <I>truly</I> sorry.”

“Shame on you indeed,” she chastised, laughing.

“Whatever. What I was trying to say-”

She cut him off again.

“Your stupid question, yes… what was it?”

“You also said that you’d help, and you wouldn’t harm me, nor my allies in the process,” he pointed out.

“That sounds familiar, yes. But you didn’t believe me.”

“Certainly not.”

“Caution is a virtue, yes,” she smiled.

“Why, thank you,” he grunted, “though you <I>profusely</I> assured that it was only in your interest to get rid of a rival.”

By now, the wandering flame was illuminating the head of the last candle, but the stick hovered above the white thread while the conversation continued, as if the woman wanted to finish things off before she let the circle close.

“That’s the full truth, my friend,” she assured, face flicking in and out of view a few times as she nodded, “<I>I’m</I> the resident evil force in this area.”

“I prefer there’d be none,” he muttered.

“I’m sure. But until you can get rid of me as well you’ll be stuck with at least one.”

She lowered the flame and stroke the living heat against the thread until a new flame was born. While she did this, he spoke once more.

“So I have understood long ago.”

“Smart boy.”

The stick turned straight upwards, and with a low, whistling sound the flame violently twisted before it died in a just barely audible &lt;I&gt;poof&lt;/I&gt;. The smoke floated in the outer edge of the last candle’s light, giving the cold air a vague, dry smell. 

“So… out of options and nearly trapped by this other fellow you did the only sensible thing you knew, which was accepting my help despite better knowledge,” she summed up while the last breath of the wandering flame melted into the area.

“Yeah… that’s the gist of it.”

“And here we are, planning away against our common enemy. What could you possibly complain about?” she questioned.

The tired tone that had been in his voice moments ago was completely gone now.

“Well, that’s when we <I>finally</I> get to that stupid question I wanted to ask,” he snarled.

“Now, now, don’t grimace at me like that,” she said, despite the fact that she surely couldn’t see him any better than he could see her, “just ask that question so we can get back to planning.”


He took in another deep breath.

“Are you going to let me off this wall anytime soon?”


The sound of a snap of fingers gently took the air, and with that two torches obediently flared up a few feet from the last candle. The bigger fires hissed angrily and danced far more forcefully than the earlier little flames, illuminating the form of a human stretched out against the wall by his own weight – his wrists were supporting him with not a little bit of help from the rope they were tied with.

”But you’re just so cute hanging there,” she smiled.

“Admit that you lied,” he shot back.

“Why, I never!”

“You did.”

“I did not,” she assured and added cheerfully, ”but you’re staying there for a while longer. I like the sight.”

The back of his head thumped against the wall and he rolled his eyes while sighing deeply.


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I missed this the first time around for some reason. ¬_¬ Great little ficlet though. I think it’s great on both parts of said assignment. I personally think it worked better the first time around, but then I’m like that. You get a Pierson Thumbs Up and a cookie. :3

Cookie! devours it Thanks Pierson, glad you like :slight_smile:

I didn’t really find the second one that funny, the first was quite good though.

I would of found the second one more funny if I hadn’t read the first one already mainly because of the first line of the second one. And what did you get on this assignment?

Pretty good, and definitely funny. Ah, the possibilities…
Lots of cookies would be in order.

It’s a zombie! Aaah!
Okay, they’ve got names now, so they’re not generic anymore. If you don’t catch the reference in “his” name, you’ll make me disappointed :wink: Give and take a letter here and there…

It was a rather interesting sight. Or not really a sight in all honesty – more of a… hint. Even with the curtains of sunlight sweeping down from the surface, the focus of the scenery did nothing but tease his eyes. If he squinted he could just barely make out a few moving shapes in a distance.

Everything had a bluish tint, even here. He figured it had something to do with the enormous bubble in this case. It stretched from the floor of the great hall and up to the roof, buckling out into the salty water that it was keeping out of the underwater palace. To see its upper end he would have to bend his neck backwards. Not that he would, not with that bloody seatroll watching his every move. It was bluish of course. Everything was blue. Well, its beady eyes were more yellow. Always something. Not that they could be see very well beneath the bush of darkly blue hair that reminded more of seaweed than anything else, falling down around the creature’s blue face and back all the way past its simple – blue! – loincloth. 

It was a faint blessing that the sunrays painted the bubble in some other colors, rainbow spots dancing over its oily surface. The transparent had to be applying light to the area outside; it was too well lit. And blue, of course. He had always figured that only in paintings inside children’s books was the bottom of the ocean blue and not dark, and therefore he would not let his own eyes fool him. Besides, this place was hardly normal, anyway.

Yes, yes, all the blue was really starting to get on his nerves. Almost more than the constant feeling of being watched. 

There was a great variety of reasons why people generally did not like trolls. Earlier, he had never considered “impeccable guarding” being one of them.

‘”We’re allies for now”, my ass…’ he gruffly thought, narrowing his eyes at the far-off shadows.

As if he had needed even more motives for feeling dispirited. Not that it had been much of a surprise when she had tossed a guard at him.

Did she expect him to try to escape? Pff. Even if he made it out of the palace he would drown before he reached the surface. And if he did not drown before he reached the surface, the ocean would swallow him again far from the nearest shore. And that was not even counting all the sea creatures that would spot him and report to their mistress he had swum three paces.

While he considered all this, the distant shadows began to take proper shapes. Steadily it &lt;I&gt;did &lt;/I&gt;become a rather interesting sight.

Small fishes flitted around like a swarm of bees, fins batting and smacking around as all of them tried to be in the middle of the crowd where it was safe from the bigger fishes. 

Above them another couple of water trolls floated, peacefully bringing themselves forwards with lazy movements of their legs. In the water, even these lumbering creatures seemed graceful.

And on the ocean floor, stepping over rocks and performing slow leaps across patches of corals or cracks, came the one pulling all the strings. Surrounded by all the fluttering fishes, Mere looked rather alien. The hem of her skirt swept up a cloud of sand for every step she took – stuck on the bottom of her kingdom as if she was as heavy as a rock. The cloud extended upwards until it almost got mixed into her hair, which in turn was flowing out around her head like a sunfea-

Scratch that. &lt;I&gt;Sea&lt;/I&gt;witch. Must use descriptions suitable for her.

He tried again. 

Hair spreading out like a dragon fish’s fins.

While she steadily approached, the stronger he felt that he would rather turn and walk away instead of staying in her chill just to listen to any news she could bring. But he needed the information.

Defensively he instead raised his hand to press two finger against his forehead, and with a low murmur sent magical blazes dancing through the air around him. Simply hearing his guard’s grunt of disapproval and a few heavy steps go backwards made it worth it. 

Mere watched this through the bubble wall even as she got closer to the palace, shrugging slightly at the antics of her guest. It would be unfair to him to claim that she did not realize his discomfort. 

 But on the other hand, it made it all the more charming. 

 Keeping her smirk under control she reached out to touch the transparent wall and step through it. 

“Your distrustfulness is rather rude, my Marcus,” she said as she melted past the hindrance.

“Since when am I labeled as yours?” he replied, moving his right arm to the height of his chest as if preparing to parry a blow.

She had to struggle not to laugh this time, at the suspicious wizard who held her and her troll servant at two arm lengths’ distance with his irritating fire. 

“My mistake,” she smoothly answered, “down here everything normally belongs to me.”

“Very amusing,” he grunted, “now, are there any news?”

The witch waved loosely at the ceiling, far, far above them. 

“My spies on the land only note that your new king continues his search for you,” she reported.

Marcus turned his back on her, snarling.

“He is not my king!”

“But he is not mine,” Mere smiled, “and anything that isn’t mine must be yours, no?”

“Flawless logic…”

He growled as she laughed at his retreating back. And the troll lumbered after him, though wary of the flames that the wizard kept alive with will alone. 

Still chuckling, Mere turned from the leaving shapes and placed her hand on the inside of the bubble. All that the little fishes saw were that some interesting looking spots appeared on the peculiar barrier that kept them from continuing forwards. Curiously they tried attacking them. Bored, the two swimming trolls had already made their way inside and made a dripping trail on the floor each as they lumbered away from their queen. 

Mere watched the small creatures on the other side seemingly fight to kiss her fingertips.

And the smile died on her lips.

Wow, nice. Is this turning into a full-fledged story?

Seems so. It spawned from some random notes, in which Marcus was named Arec and had a wife and kid. Those two seem to have disappeared now though…

I think I saw some of those notes…

Anyway, it’s fun that this is turning into a real fic, cause it’s really cool… :slight_smile:

“Where are my wife and kid? And why am I known as Marcus now?”

“Oh, them? Oh, I killed them. And I went to county superior court and legally changed your name, afterwards.”

me feasts on subtle sexual tension betwixt hero and villain. thank you

Oooh, your version sure added even more sexual tension, Kaiser. Look, sparks are flying now!
… oh, that’s magical lightning. Duck!

“I wasn’t about to let your family come between us. Sweetie.”

Said while fireballs and icicles flies back and forth and the palace crumbles under the battle :slight_smile:
And does it show whom they’re based on yet? Well, you’ll get a couple more hints here, even if it’s not that apparent. At least on the theme :slight_smile:


Marcus really tried to not be impressed by any small things he saw in the underwater palace, wary not to let his guard down as he held no illusions of not being in enemy territory.

But the first time he found himself in the library and the guard troll that kept stalking him sat down on the other side of the round table with a thick book in its huge hands, it was hard not to raise an eyebrow. Even more as the big blue oaf opened the heavy volume by a bookmark placed by the last hundred or so pages and sunk into peaceful reading.

Fingers twice as thick as a grown man’s carefully turned the pages, between longer periods of resting in the bush of seaweed that was supposed to be hair.

Marcus could not help but watch this strange thing everytime the troll moved, glancing at his guard through the corner of his eyes. Eventually he came to the conclusion that not all troll had to be brutes, after all. Not all humans liked fighting or painting or stitching, come to think of it.

Either that or the damn thing was less interested in just watching the wizard read in silent boredom on its own part.

With that theory, Marcus managed to return to focus on his reading. Mere’s library was a quite impressive sight; keeping the thousands of books safe from the palace’s natural dampness must require quite a lot of protective spells. In either case, at least it gave him something to do, even if it couldn’t fully protect him against his worries about the kingdom on dry land. Lord South… right, <I>king</I> South now - Marcus gritted his teeth everytime he thought of it - was surely turning everything upside down in the search for - in your dreams - his wizard.

And Mere hadn’t been able to collect a single tidbit about princess Alexandra, but had promised to send word to somebody who might be closer by the lady’s supposed location.

Marcus closed his eyes.

The poor girl probably didn’t even know that her father was dead, yet. King Christian had fallen for a sudden stroke - or so it had seemed. Marcus was trying to keep his suspicions on a level where they couldn’t torture him too much.

Being the king’s right hand, lord South took over the leadership of the land - “Until Her Highness returns.”


As fate thankfully would have had it, one of South’s own trusted generals had more honor than to keep his mouth shut when he learnt some interesting details on a secret meeting between himself and his lord.

Unless that had been a trap too. Marcus held back a groan, trying to fight the hint of panic with logic. If this was a trap then Mere wouldn’t treat him as gently as she did.

Unless she enjoyed playing with him.

Stop thinking!

Princess Alexandra should be safe for now, he himself had sent off a messenger towards the point her journey should have brought ger by now, but it would take at least two more days until the courier reached her and her guards.

If he hadn’t been shot down before he even got out of town.

The troll glanced at the wizard as he suddenly pressed a hand against his face.

“Headache?” the creature grunted, its muddy voice startling Marcus out of his concerned thoughts.

“Hm? No, I’m fine…”

The troll shrugged and returned to reading, while the person he was officially “showing around the palace” looked back down at the pages in his lap, faking reading as the thoughts kept coursing through his head.

He needed to go and find the princess before it was too late. But he was, if possible, more wanted caught than the princess was wanted dead.

Subconsciously he rubbed the fingertips of his right hand along his throat, uncomfortable. Upon realizing it he dropped the hand to the book again.

Back to an older dilemma, Mere surely wouldn’t let him go so easily, no matter what she claimed about their current cease fire. He would be right where he was for a while, that much was unquestionable. The only thing she needed to do was claim that it was too dangerous for him to return to the dry land, and that would stand no matter how much he tried to argue. It was her palace. Her land.

She would love the reason to throw him in a cell. “To keep you safe!”

‘Goddamn witch. Okay. You are officially working up a panic. Nice and calm.’

Princess Alexandra has guards. And she can take care of herself.

‘Marcus my friend, <I>you</I> were almost mowed down when you fled from the castle in order to get away from South and his ideas. By soldiers under your own flag, too.’

That had indeed hurt, more than their arrows would have, even. He had been…

'Stop thinking. It was South’s men.

How about Alexandra’s guards? Who employed them, really?’

Marcus didn’t know that.

‘Stop… thinking…’

And didn’t that bird thing show up at a strangely good time, just when you knew they were breathing down your neck.

‘Those things are swarming me whenever I take a step outside, damn it all! It wasn’t just a coincidence!’

Mere has hunted you for years and years. An usurper on the throne forcing you to run for your life, and she changes the “I’m going to gut you alive once I get my hands on you” to “oh, come on in, it’s safer down here”.

‘If she wanted me dead I wouldn’t have left that wall she nailed me to. And that was my own fault in the first place.’

Yes, indeed. Note to self; when enemy offers cease fire and you’re on his or her turf, its best not to tell them “I don’t trust you to not want something in return for this”, because they might be prone to answer “well, now that you mention it, there’s one little thing you could do to pay me back for this favor”.

On the other hand, she would have hung him there sooner or later anyway. Like a hunting trofée.

‘Counting the minutes until I find myself there again, permanently…’

Damn, he hated Mere. But he hated South even more right at the moment. Kind of. And all the worries both of them stirred up were going to give him that headache the <I>damn</I> troll had asked about.

But at least, once she did smack him back onto that wall, he’d be sure where she stood. Right now she was just confusing him.

He dearly wished he hadn’t dropped his staff when he fled. As little as it would really help, the assuring feel of the weapon in his hand would have been very welcome.

Well, the idea that the reading might help him was definitely shattered. Marcus was starting to think that he would go on a killing spree any moment unless he got himself to stop thinking.

On the other side of the palace, Mere sighed to herself, seemingly staring off into space. In reality, she was watching Marcus’ expression waver, through farsight (correct me on that word, I can’t remember the English one, I think :P). Though he was good at keeping a straight face he subconsciously didn’t think that needed when bent over a book. Lips tightened and eyes shifted back and forth uneasily, worries apparent on his features.

Blinking a few times, she turned back to the more close-by area of her study, and the thing that watched her curiosly. It was birdlike in shape of body, but instead of feathers it was covered with scales and the wings reminded more a bat’s. Mere met its unfeeling gaze.

“What?” she said.

The thing clicked its beak, thoughtfully.

“Mistress is acting strange about the prisoner,” it claimed in a raspy voice.

The witch’s lips twitched.

“Oh no, he is not our prisoner.”

She tilted her head slightly, glancing at the roof.

“Officially, at least,” she added.

“Not in a cage?”

“Be quiet about Marcus or I’ll make you his dinner.”

The lizard-bird gave a frightened caw and curled up into a small ball on its perch stick. Mere gently poked at the bundle, chuckling.

“Now, now, I wasn’t serious. You’d give him a stomach ache on top of everything, anyway.”

A black eye suspiciously peered up at her from the shadow of a leathery wing. The witch sobered.

“Now, I want you and your siblings to fly over and circle the castle for a while. Not too obviously, just make sure you’re seen, to make South think of me. And see to that none of you are killed, because that’s not part of the plan.”

The creature didn’t move, patiently waiting as the witch paused to tap her cheek with a finger.

“And any news you might catch about the princess is highly desireable. I doubt you’ll hear much but it might keep that wizard of ours from starting to tear down walls too soon. Off you go.”

“As mistress says.”

The lizard-bird spread its wings and disappeared in a flash of blue light, with a slight popping sound.

Mere turned from the empty perch and seemingly spaced out again. Marcus was still trying to read, with little success. He had too much on his mind, and it was almost painfully apparent.

Maybe she should just knock him out until they were ready for the plan…

Her fingers twitched.

No, no. Bad old habits.

Though he was probably cute when sleeping. She would have to have a look into that.

She zoomed her perspective out a little, looking his slumped form over. And she had to smile as he looked up to glance around, frowning. It seemed that he could sense that somebody watched him. Clever little thing.

Poor little wizard who had been blessed with such strong magical powers. If people didn’t befriend him - like king Christian and his ancestors with Marcus’ ancestors - then they wanted to kill him or…

Subconsciously, Mere rubbed the fingertips of her right hand along her throat, slightly uncomfortable. That wasn’t a thought she liked either.

He was in luck with that, but he probably didn’t understand that. She’d have to explain the reason she had taken pity on him, whom she was the sworn enemy of. Just as soon as their next ally arrived, he who knew more… hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

Hm. South was, in a way, on the right track about Marcus. For the wrong reasons, of course. But still on the right track. A man like him simply couldn’t be left alo…

“What isss that human doing outside of a dungeon?”

Mere almost jumped, ripped from her trance by the voice and the intruding gaze that had followed her magical sight and seen what she saw.

“Speak of the devil…” passed over her lips before she could stop herself, and she quickly added, “I was just thinking of you.”

“I came here as sssoon as I recieved your message. It was quite surprisssing.”

She turned around and faced the newcomer, smiling.

“Good evening, Lizard.”