Hey Howdy, It's Another Lufia 2 Thread

As many of you have doubtlessly inferred, I’m replaying Lufia 2. I would like to try and do soemthing 've never done before; get the Gades Blade. Would anyone present care to share some tips? Suggested levels and what-not?

Power way the fuck up and kill Gades the first time you see him.

I forget what level I was when I did it, but you’ll need money for healing and revival potions, a hell of a lot of levels and probably more than a little patience.

Save states can be helpful too.

I think that’s all pretty obvious stuff though :stuck_out_tongue: I guess try to be at the level you’d normally be at to beat the Fire Dragon near Chaed and see how you do. I’d probably give it a go every couple of levels or so to see how I do. The Retry mode’d shorten the power-level trip a bit at least.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done it, but I remember leveling up to around 40 or 50 to be able to deafeat him. Not sure if you even need to go that high, but worked for me.

I couldn’t imagine doing it outside of Retry mode, the sheer amount of time it would take to level that much with normal exp would be maddening.

The trick really is simply to be overleveled like mad. You can’t hit the Ancient Cave for über gear yet, so you’re stuck to what you got that far.

Doesn’t the shrine have a ‘Tips on beating Gades’ part? It should. :confused:

Use those buffing spells. Alternate between having Selan, Tia and Maxim use strong on everyone and having Selan use a healing IP.

It doesn’t. First place I looked. In my opinion, the whole shrine could use a bit of a cleanup, but that’s neither here nor there.

That said, taking all your advice into consideration I’ll probobly hold off until I can Retry. Thanks anyway.

You really don’t have to wait for retry,or be so uber leveled to beat him,the trick is to be faster than he is with at least Selan,you can do this in level around 33,more or less,is not really that hard once you become faster than him you buff your characters and then heal as much as you can.

It doesn’t need a section on Gades. Any RPG is simple: level the fuck up :P.

Do you have any idea the amount of time that went into making that shrine in the details it is in??

No disrespect meant. It’s very good as it is.

Let me say here and now that I’d have no hope with some of the more difficult puzzles without it. Some things just can’t be properly done with a text-based walkthrough.

It’s not really all that dificult, if you level up a lot. You can do it the hard way, though, through extreme use of IP skills. I beleive you can get a Ring that will let you cast Stronger through IP. Basically, give this ring to Tia, and constantly cast Trick on her at the beginning of the battle. You might have picked up something that has the Sluggish IP skill as well. If so, you this on Gades. Once Tia is faster than Gades, let him kill off two of your characters, probably Maxim and Selan. This way, the stronger cast by the IP skill will heal more, and the constant atacks by Gades will be sure to keep your IP bar topped up. You don’t have to be way overly leveled for this to work, but the higher the better. Just make sure not to run from stuff too much…

Actually, I learned something better for healing. Assuming you leveled to at least level 30 (like I have), You probably have over 100000 Gold. Now, if people remember, in Alunze, there is a mini-casino, like in Forfeit Island. And there, for 200 Coins, you can buy Statues. For those who don;t know, Statues are healing items that can be used to hear your entire Party for 200 HP each. And 200 Coins equals 2000 GOld. So you can get at least 50 of these things. Keep one person healing forever, and the others can easily focus attacks on Gades.

Or maybe not. THis is jsut the latest method I’m trying.

The first fight against Gades is before that casino.

Ah! There’s the beauty! There are TWO casinos! One is in Forfeit Island, and the Second is in Alunze, the third town you go to, on the second floor of the Inn. Well BEFORE the tower of Gades. You just dismiss it at first since everythign is so pricey, and there’s only the one Slot Machine. So, after getting enough money, you can warp back there, trade gold for Coins, then buy those Statues!

Edit: tried and beat him. Didn’t need more than a dozen statues. And this was on Normal mode, by the way.

Oh I thought you were talking about Forfeit. Man I didn’t know that casino sold those items. Interesting. Well done , Val.

I get the feeling Nobody ever remembers that casino. THey have a vague memory of it beign there at best, and association that it’s worthless and too expensive to bother with. So they never bother looking at the stuff it offers. A shame. Took me five times through this game before I noticed this.

So that’s what the statues do. I’ve been wondering that for years.