Hey guys!

I’m posting to show off my new avatar, which is a picture that Trilly drew of me at the meet! She’s far too modest and sweet to EVER brag about her incredible artwork, so I’m gonna do it for her! Trillian is the best! :smiley: And she’s really cool, too! Even though she tried to escape from jail when we were playing capture the flag (lol, I’m really sorry I was all creepy lord-of-the-flies then, I really meant nothing mean and I still love you a lot - was just getting carried up with the moment) :P. But, yeah, she’s just a really nice gal to chill with and hang out with.

Yeah, I’m done, I think y’all should start telling me how awesome my avatar is.


I’ll be in Boston on thursday. Make way.

I think everyone at the meet was impressed with how well Trillian could draw. Maz’s avatar wasn’t the only thing she drew, and everything was very impressive. I’m glad that the picture scanned in well, since it lets people who didn’t go to the meet to get a taste of what went down there. =P

And Maz really did look like that at the meet. =P

Once again, Trillian demonstrates her beautiful prowess with ink and paper =D

What Trillian does is nothing less than pure MAGIC.

Love the avatar, Maz. Give Trilly a hug on my behalf.

:cool: Awesomely cute Trillian. We will get to see other pictures, right? pleaseeeey



Awesome pic. ^^

cool i live near there… better start locking doors.

very nice pic trilian.

Good for you! Although that avatar rawks a lot indeed

Yeah, I knew Trillian’s art rocked a long time ago.

As for the avatar, ANYTHING is better than you in clown makeup!

(Haha, just kiddin’, it’s pretty cute.)

Glad to know you kids are having a good time. Be careful now, OK?

I hate you all and will devour your children after I travel thru the spinning wormhole of time after lunch. :frowning:

:hint: (I’m at work and wish I could be somewhere else, does it show?) :bowser:

Cool. :biggrin:

Not at all.

Very nice Trill. Maz doesn’t deserve your art. :smiley:

You have a spinning wormhole of time at work?

Only thing I have is a radio.

And nice girls who I’ll never have a chance with as customers, but no spinning wormhole of time.

I would trade it for girls and a radio that isn’t permanantly set on Cité Rock Matante. The wormhole charges a bitchin high price, something about 66 souls of the stillborn, three virgin sacrifices that must be of different ethnical backgrounds and a cherry slush.

Screw that, I’m keeping my slush.

Yeah, but I don’t have slush anymore (changed jobs a month and a half or something back).

But the spinning wormhole of time sounds intriguing as a part-time amusement, I could throw in customers who highly displease me, steal their car and money, and since no one would know anything, I’d have a fuckload of cars and 245892375723946523454234 credit cards.


I’m kidding :stuck_out_tongue: That really is a good piccy :stuck_out_tongue:

thats because you have a windows 95 wormhole.
you should get the upgraded version.
it only recuires 2 murders and a can of spam :spam:

;_; I was in Ropecon and all I got out of there was a lousy “Jesus tape Saves!” towel… (I bought a T-shirt last year…)

I would’ve been there drawin’ stuff too if it weren’t for those pesky working days and the boss too :frowning: