Hey guys, how's Drakengard? Fahrenheit?

I saw this game for an inexpensive price, and when it came out there was much hype. I watched a gameplay movie, and it looked like a Dynasty Warriors type thing. It’s Square-Enix, so it probably has good story. The graphics are beautiful. How is the sound/gameplay?

I’m buying Fahrenheit on Friday if it’s any good as well. I might buy both games if I hear both are good. I’ve been hyped up about Fahrenheit for like 3 months now, and now that the price has dropped to 30$ factory sealed, I might pick up a copy. I hear the gameplay is weak, though. I’ve heard that it runs like Xenosaga in the sense there’s like 5 minutes of gameplay per 50 minutes of cinematics.

Thoughts, opinions?

As far as hack-n-slashers go, Drakengard’s decent. If you find it cheap, it’s a good buy.

My friend told me it’s like Chaos Legion, and that really sparked an interest; however my brother rented Drakengard 2, and it sucked real bad.

I’ve never played Chaos Legion nor Drakengard 2, but I’ve played Drakengard and it is, like I said, decent if a tad repetitive. Depends on how much you like mindless hack-n-slash.

Well, I like that kind of gameplay, but if a story is bad, I won’t play it. Nor if the music is bad.

The story isn’t horrible but the music I could take or leave.

Get Fahrenheit.

By get I mean you better understand what the christ is going on.

Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy is a good game. And yeah, there’s more movie than gameplay, but thats the point. And its not difficult to understand what’s going on at all.

About Fahrenheit, from what you say, it is indeed like Xenosaga. Is there like, any kind of interactivity? Like what kind of gameplay are we talking here, just walking about?

The gameplay is fairly simple. You only use the two analog sticks and the L/R shoulder buttons (or if you’re getting it for PC, you use the mouse and the left and right arrows on the keypad). You of course control movements with the left analog stick, while the right stick is used to do things such as making choices, climbing things, and other actions. You just have to move the right analog stick a certain way (it shows you which way to move it when the options are presented).

There are also some sequences where you have to move both analog sticks in certain directions to perform actions and survive in order to progress the story. The L/R shoulder buttons aren’t used quite as much, but when you do use them you have to alternate between pressing them. All in all, the gameplay is pretty simplistic but it works quite nicely for the game itself.