Hey everyone!

Hello every one, I just thought id drop in to say hi to everyone. Sorry to the people whos role plays i was in, and then just left! I dont have a computer at the moment and its quite hard to get onto one! im hoping to get one for X-Mas! yay! Then I can come back and talk to all you good people! lol! so how is everyone!? Whats been doin’?

Hmm, all of the new and absent girls seem to be returning. All 2 of them. Interesting…can we expect to see Lady Angel, soon? :open_mouth:


I want some proof of them being women though. On my bed preferably.

umm, yeah I think you might! lol! She just got her computer working again! Or somethink like that. So yeah maybe I haven’t talk to her for a while! I hope so that would be cool! lol its good to be back though! you have more little pics on the side to! what else has changed?

Lol im female! I really am! lol I promise



Man, can’t you at least be a LITTLE bit subtle? fucks Marshmellows




Now this is just a bit too rich. These two girls arrive just about the same time? Gee. I wonder if their IP addresses match.

I wonder if… nah… too easy >>;

Yes, yes you are. Slutbag.

Just like <strike>+~Marshmellows~+</strike> <strike>your mom</strike> Hades!

You are so awesome.

No talk of Lady Angel, you might just make Manus need new underwear.

Guys, does anybody remember when we actually bothered using innuendo? That was clever honest debauchery; now it’s just mediocre and common dirty talk.

Please elaborate. Seriously, I wanna know.

Mad props to the missing girls, for we are the shiznit! Good to be back, isn’t it? :hyperven: