Hey Epic! (Rinn)

You work for a subsidiary of Activision. Tell those stupid fucking assholes working on Call of Duty to make co-op offline and not just online. Too many idiot companies (Crackdown anyone? Others?) neglect that feature. Its not because they don’t have any friends or girlfriends to play it with in their own living room that other people don’t. Doing so will guarantee my buying the game. I RESENT having to pay for XBL and having to find people with Xboxes to play multiplayer. Better yet, what’s the lead designer’s email? I’ll send him a (polite) note with a link to the laundry list of things that MS thinks should be in multiplayer games, a list that acknowledges what I just said. Thanks!

And tell your bosses not to fuck up Diablo 3 because Activision just bougt Vivendi which owns Blizzard.

I concur (especially with the co-op thing -_-).

And tell em we should have more of those things you see at the county fair, where you sit down, put in a quarter, your feet start vibrating uncontrollably. Those fucking rock.

Don’t forget to tell them to develop an alternative fuel source.

Might as well send 'em the Gamer’s Manifesto, too …

I just want OFF LINE CO-OP. It can’t POSSIBLY be that hard. I’m not buying the game otherwise.

This article has made me realize how much shittier games have become. Nowadays for every original game released around 4 shitty, knock-off, unoriginal games come out, it used to be the other way around. I hate gaming companies, except for Nintendo even if the screwed up with the Wii’s games.

I don’t work at Infinity Ward but I can probably find you someone to complain to.

It was a merger, and part of the contract is basically Blizzard doesn’t have to answer to anyone except themselves.

Yeah those things are p cool.

Thrashing wildly on a plastic guitar generates a lot of energy.

I can clarify more about the merger if you want, but not right now I have to be at zero bugs by 2 pm tomorrow.

Now if only we can find a way to harness that energy…

Make the concert arena floors treadmills hooked to capacitors.

I thought Treyarch was doing the next Call of Duty???

And tell them to bring back vehicles. I would have loved riding around in a T-72 in COD4. :slight_smile:

No, Treyarch is making the new James Bond game, a new Call of Duty game hasn’t been announced yet. If one was going to be made, I would assume that Infinity Ward would keep making them considering how well Call of Duty 4 sold.

Call of Duty World at War has been announced and the online co-op part revealed. My point in this thread is that I don’t care about what people have to say about COD4 because I am not interested in the lack of offline co-op.

I stand corrected.

It went the other way around – now Vivendi SA owns 52% of Activision Blizzard.
But Activision’s CEO is the boss of the combined Activision - Vivendi games (a subdivision of Vivendi SA, previously known as Vivendi Universal) outfit.

I just let my imagination run wild for a moment, and this what I’ve seen: Sin becomes a mult-gaziollionaire, thanks to his cancer-fighting mini Frankensteins; he buys Vivendi SA; then he fires Robert Kotick (Activision’s CEO), and Rinn replaces Kotick of course. :wink:

I doubt that will happen since CoD2 and CoD4 both did extremely well and CoD3 was sort of criticized. I hope that they leave the vehicles out though, that was my most hated part in CoD3.

Believe it. Call of Duty: World At War is being developed by Treyarch, And is set in the Pacific theatre of WWII. It’s also getting released on all 3 current-gen systems, as well as the DS and PS2.

It’s gonna suck. :frowning:

Can you also tell them to make a wider variety of organic mushrooms available at my local farmers market, cause those things are pretty super.