Hey, does anyone know where these are sold?


You see those things called ‘Crazy Cures?’ They’re just novelty candy. I was wondering if anyone knew where these were sold, in like, NORMAL stores. I want to get some of these:


For a friend of mine. So, any tipoffs would be very much appreciated.

Last I saw, they have em at Spencer’s.

A laxative is sure to put the humble on anyone tricked into taking it.

I see them in Canada all the time, in like, joke shops, and novelty gift shops.

Ya, that would be the first place I would check.

I’ve seen 'em at Spencer’s a few times.

Ok. Just what IS Spencer’s? Try different stores. :stuck_out_tongue: There is no such thing down here. :confused:

You must realize that SG basically lives in Mexico. They barely have running water.

Spencer’s is a novelty store that’s been known to carry a few adult-oriented items. If there is one around you, it’ll probobly be in a mall.

That said, I don’t know where else you might find some. Sorry.

There are Spencers down here, SG. Not in the valley, per-se, but there are tons in San Diego and LA. They’re the store with all the crazy stuff in it - ranging from miniature gargoyle fountains, to neon lights, to fart detectors.


48 stores in California, it seems. They’re in practically every mall down here in Texas. Aside from that, there’s an adult/novelty store in this area that carries them called “Condom Sense.” I think it’s a local thing, though. So you may want to check adult/novelty stores in your area, as well.

Well, crap. I wanted these by tommorow. Oddly enough, there’s a mall opening up later this week, but It won’t matter until I have another opportunity to use them. Maaaaan! :confused:

SG, it’s just candy.

There’s one in every mall within 80 miles from me.

Apparently, candy isn’t candy anymore when people are willing to spend $10 on some soap-flavored gum in a package of 20. And by 20 packages, I mean, like, 20 pieces of gum that are about 1 centimeter by 2 centimeters. Not that it pertains to this current scenario, but I see it daily.

I know. But what I was gonna use it for was gonna be SO cool. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well. It’s not a big deal. It’s just like…“Maaaaan.” :stuck_out_tongue:


I want some!