Hey D. Revenge!

Okay, Lemme put this simply and honestly. There was a line between silly and stupid. This line is often disregarded. Most people tend to avoid the part of the playground where the line is even drawn, but those who insist on hanging out near the line tend to at least not scribble over the line.

D. Revenge, you need to stop dumping buckets of paint on that line. Sure, many of us have already seen it, and we won’t be confused by your antics. But what about the children? What about the new members who don’t know our levels of sincerity and hilarity. I myself am admittedly still a youth among the members here, but fortunately my stupid jokes just prove my lack of wit, and not my lack of common decency.

What I am trying to say is this. Even if most everyone here knows that you are just being obnoxious, others, potential converts (um- I mean new members), might see your antics and believe that you represent us with your really obnoxious postings.

Yes, humor has its place, and yes, you sometimes are there with it, but don’t so blatantly smear the line of decorum that others have drawn in the sand. If you can’t keep from posting pointlessly, perhaps there is a web-board that will better let you vent that sort of dementia, and you can save the good jokes for us.

I am not asking you to leave though. With you around, Charle gets all panicky and thinks that we will like you more, so please stay and keep him on his toes. But don’t just pollute the air.

I would like to quickly say that I am not posting with any authority, or with the official backing of others. I am just expressing the prude’s point of view. If other members disagree, please support DR and tell me I am being too boring and old. Just please, keep it at least slightly sincere.

Why do I doubt you’re 39?

Why is everyone getting so upset over this guy? yes he’s an ass but there’s no reason to cry about it, damn. By publicly voicing your distaste, you’re in fact just encouraging him. Can’t we all agree to not give a fuck about him? Are you this long winded in real life when someone bothers you?:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Eva. If he’s an ass, he’ll get banned and that’ll be the end of it.

Huzzah Monsier Sinistral! You speak the language of the people!

Yer right, that was really long winded, and Sin is right, I am not 39. I have my real birth date on my prfile though. Finally I would like to defend myself: I like the guy enough to ask him not to get himself banned again. I though he had humor once in a while.

he’s not even here. He’s banned. Sheesh.