Hey Crackhead

I was cracking up all the way while reading this.


Hehe, that is terribly true. I am a computer science major and I own a computer.

LMAO. Well, you learn something new every day.

Hehe, I like the list at the end.

Worth cookies!

“stupid enough to sell your crackpipe for crack!” great stuff.

That was pretty funny.

This is good enough for me to share with my coworkers tomorrow, lol.

Very funny.

I have never seen the word “crack” used so many times on one page. :hahaha;

Umm, ever hear of calling the police and reporting the vandalism?

And the police would do… what? Find the guys that sawed off his sparkplugs during the night? They’ve got better things to do.

Like donuts.


I swear I’ve seen a cop car pull over a dount truck.

funny ^^

The best part was when you said you were “cracking” up. Heh…heheheh.