Hey, could someone translate this for me?

I found this really weird and random note (possibly a note, anyway) that in my bag earlier that reads as follows in French:

“Voulez vous m’en voyer.” (or “Voulez vous m’envoyer”, not sure which.)

“Voulez vous me faire savoir.” (or something very similar.)

I’m really just curious as to what it actually translates to.

Also I’m curious if anyone has similar stories about weirdass notes.

Well, the first one looks like it says “Are you going to send it to me?” I could be wrong, I’m fluent in spanish, not french. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maaaan, this note is gonna bug the hell out of me.

I think it’s “Will you send it to me?” and “Will you let me know?” or something along those lines.

I suck at the french.

Are those two phrases the only thing that’s written on it? Considering how similar they are… it sounds like some kind of french assignment, honestly.

They are, but if it’s a french assignment it’d be a really weird place to write it. It’s on a bit of paper tat’s something to do with the business information systems course at my uni, and it’s only…hm, 2 inches square.

So yeah, it’d be weird to do an assignment there. It wasn’t just a piece of paper ripped off. >>

Do you want to send me…

Do you want me to know…

It’d be weirder to write that and put it in someone’s bag who doesn’t even know french >_>

For the first one, it’s “Voulez-vous m’envoyer”. The second clause is right (but “voulez-vous” should also be hyphenated). Just look at Sin’s translations.

<_< Possibly. But this really doesn’t look like an exercise, it doesn’t look like somebody was writing something to remind themselves how to start a sentence, mainly because of the exclamation mark after the first one.

>_> It’s just kind of weird.

Kind of strange that they’d have exclamation points behind them. Those are supposed to be questions, or at least in the inverted form of a question.



Well, it seems weirder to me that they would write it down on a bit of paper 2"x2" and slip it into someone’s bag pocket for no reason.

But I could be wrong. <<

They love you, cavel. Mddle-school style.

Now I’m just creeped out rig. :frowning:

Good :slight_smile:

Cav’s got a secret admirer :o

Perhaps they have horribly misspelt coucher avec moi ce soir.

That would be a pretty horrible misspelling.