Hey back off, man...

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I have a mug of coffee, and I ain’t afraid to use it! weilds scalding coffee

I have a furious angel right next to me, and she can kick some serious butt!

I’ve been eating baked beans and I’m ready to explode.

snorts with laughter

I’m the High Priestess of Vincent Valentine, and you don’t wanna get me mad! eyes glow red and she sprouts demony wings, Chaos-style!

… or i’ll jack off and not leave you any! Err… I mean… we’re scientists. Yeah.

Suuuuuuuuuure…of COURSE that’s what you meant! Heheheheh :slight_smile:

I can’t pass up a good movie reference. In this case, Ghostbusters.

Too bad I can’t edit the poll, or I’d add your suggestions. Sans mastrubation, perhaps.