I’m just wondering if anybody has ever played this game. It’s a action/adventure/RPG for the PC put out about 5 years ago.

After 5 years of searching (I played the demo to this that came with the FF7PC demo) I finally nabbed a copy of this game at Staples for about $5.

I think it’s a pretty fun game. If you find the demo or the game itself, play it. The graphics, storyline, and sound are really not that spectacular, but I still find the game pretty fun.

Never seen, but I’ll see if I can get it somewhere like the Underdogs page or Kazaa.

The game requires a lot of strategy, and one thing about it, there aren’t many walkthroughs for the game online (so right now, I’m very much stuck in Garkham’s Castle)

Wuts the game about? :moogle:

It’s about an adventurer (Mac Bride) who, during his adventures in the Crusades, lost his troops in battle to an army of Garkham (the main villain)

Garkham has stolen the Book of Hexplore, making him the most powerful Black Wizard in the world. Mac decides that he must stop him, so goes on a quest to do so (with the help of some people he picks up)

sounds pretty good, like the average rpg i like. :victoly:

Played the Demo.

it’s a bit of a complex, exploration RPG… I’m stuck on the 4th level right now of the 1st episode…

but no matter where I look, there is NO walkthrough on this game. if I can ever figure it out, it might be a game I’ll have to shrine… because information is BADLY needed for this game.

I’ve played through the whole game, and I’d be more than willing to get it.
Now, Garkham’s castle is insanely huge, filled with monsters… You’ll take a good amount of time to get through it. Some people will also be rather pissed when they finally find the book of Hexplore on Pal-Dul-Dan only to have Garkham appear and snatch it, throwing the party into a wretched prison.

Manus? You’ve played it? Then get on Yahoo asap, I need to ask you a question about Garkham’s castle… because dammit I can’t find the 4th switch on the basement floor that opens the door to the stairs to the 2nd floor (I believe it is an Incantation one because I’ve found strength, mechanism, and agility)