Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

… omg hex

Ancient sex. Yum.

<img src=“http://www.weeklyuniverse.com/2004/Orwell%20banner.jpg”>

This banner alone was more interesting that the whole “Ancient sex” thing.

Not really, considering that most of christianity is a derivitive of ancient pagan celebrations and customs, ie christmas.

I wouldn’t say most :stuck_out_tongue: But there is strong evidence that Christianity did synthesize or incorporate certain more paganistic practices in an effort to give its religion a wider base among first the poorer classes, and then the upper ones, and then lastly outsider groups.

I would say most.

And keep in mind that everything I say is right.

The american sign for “i love you” is actualy just SATAN WITH A THUMB! Or hang loose with an index finger. This means that either the deft or the surfers are in leauge with the satanists. I’d have to say the sufers are

uh, what’s the American sign for “I Love You”? A heart?

sign language, simply extend your pinkie, index, and thumb finger, and you have the sign for “I love you”

Shockingly shocking!

Shockingly, this shocking article shockingly revealed the shocking secrets that we otherwise would have never knew!
Any other shocking opinions?

Seriously, can someone say thesaurus?

I was just about to say. Shocking.

I found the links more interesting, actually. Especially; http://www.nick2211.yage.net/119.htm

Stuff like this fascinates me, the myths and less well-known aspects of religion rather than it’s rules/laws/however you would describe them. Look at the bit about the Grand Hexagram. The power of coincidence/good planning is awesome.

This grand hexagram is a joke. They put Chiron there as if it were a planet. That’s just like trying to use a humming bird instead of a jetfighter for a formation in an aerial stunts show. The very discoverer of the hexagram said that he only put Chiron there because he had to pull the shape and there wasn’t any planet available to finish the star.

Doesn’t matter. It looks cool damnit!