The following article features Avi Arad (President of Marvel Studios) commenting on their past, present and future movies, and even on rival DC Comic’s. The comments are short but to the point (I like them that way) and the interface (in the form of the Daily Bugle newspaper (you know, the one Peter Parker supposedly works for?) is pretty clever. All that and lots of COOL images. Damn, Famke Jansen (Jean Grey) is hot… :smiley:


Ironman would be a cool movie. But about the last X-men movie: If Gene Grey died wouldn’t she come back as Pheonix?
What’s even cooler is that the second X-Men was directed by the guy that played Warf on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

That’s what the third movie is going to be centred around, apparently. Why else would she kick the bucket if they weren’t going to do that?

I don’t know. It’s not like the movies follow the comics very well, or at all, sometimes.

Yeah, aint that the truth

I’m still waiting for the Scud movie. Rob Schrab promises he’s going to make it, when he’s not poor. So, everyone buy ‘Scud: The Disposable Assassin’ comics .

In more plausible Comic Book Movie news, I’d really like to see the movies of Deathlok, Dylan Dog, V is for Vendetta, and Ghostrider, supposing they actually get finished.

I’m just waiting for someone to redo The Hobbit. That would be more awesome thatn the LoTR trilogy, as I thought the Hobbit(book) was better than them.
Anyway, I think that if they make another Spiderman movie, it will die. Probably forever.

Pete Jackson is doing The Hobbit after he does King Kong I heard. Can’t remember the source though.

Wrong. It’s been confirmed that Dark Phoenix will be IN the movie…it just won’t be centered around her. She’ll play a fairly big part but there’s a different major villain. It’s supposed to be either the creator of the Sentinels and maybe Mister Sinister.

Although Mister Sinister won’t make much sense without Cyclops…since Cyc’s actor is only signed for a scene.

Bryan Singer isn’t Michael Dorn. And it’s spelled Worf.

In other words, the ULTIMATE ÜBER POWERFUL CREATURE ™ of the Shi-ar is now a mid-boss? And I can take Sinister, but if they give a star role to the scientist guy I’m going to be pissed.

I bet a hundred bucks that Jean got picked up by a Shi-ar spaceship like Cyclops’ dad and that’s how she survived.

I know it’s already been pointed out, but <I>Worf</I> on ST:TNG was played by Michael Dorn, who was in no way related to either X-Men movie. However, both X-Men movies were written by David Hayter, better known to the gaming community as the voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. Also, her name is spelled <I>Jean</I>, not <B>Gene</B>. Gene is traditionally (though not always) how men with that name spell it. I’d say it’s understandable to mix the two since they sound the same, but this is a <I>comic book</I>, man, all the text is spelled out! :smiley:

I won’t bother correcting spelling on the word “<I>Phoenix</I>,” though, as it’s typically considered a hard word to spell. :smiley:

Sorry for my errors, but I got the hard word right. I was, also, told by a different source about the Worf thing, so it wasn’t my own doings.

I think making the Sentinals the villian this time would make sense after the failed attempt at the mind control elixer. But the movie would probably degrade into intermitent flashes between scenes of groups of mutants battling it out with ten-story tall robots and Magneto showing why using metal to build said robots is a bad idea.

Mr.Sinister wouldn’t be bad either, except I just don’t like him as a villian. They’d most likely bring in Apocolypse as the main villian.

If continuity isn’t a big issue for them could bring in the Prime Sentinals; only it would make the movie seem too much like the Matrix.

Here are MY guesses for X-men III:

-Jean Grey will be back, having been “evolutionarily quantum-jumped” into The Phoenix. Don’t expect her to be a cosmic-level menace, tho.

-The plot WILL involve the Sentinels. But not the giant ones, the cyborg ones. Much easier on the budget.

-Most of the cast will return (This has almost been confirmed.)

-Beast and Gambit will be on it. Possibly Angel. Kitty and Colossus will get more exposure.

-Juggernaut will be in it (Confirmed). They’ll probably make him a mutant, tho.

-We will see some form of The Danger Room.

To sum up: Jean will be reborn as The Phoenix and will become a menace. The X-Men will be practicing in the Danger Room with their new members when they find out. The government responds by sending in [strike] the clowns [/strike] the Sentinel cyborgs. Magneto joins in with Mystique and Juggernaut. All three sides fight until Jean is saved by The Power of Love. Wolverine grunts.

REMEMBER, these are just GUESSES. But I’ll still bet money I’m pretty much correct.

Now, if it were up to me, I’d throw The Hellfire Club in, too. Especially Emma Frost… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah everything changes. Is Halle Berry even returning for Storm? And yay, no Cyc. More Gambit.

Gambit is just badass, it’s that simple.

He really is.
EDIT: Bishop would be awesome, but I don’t know where they’d fit him in…

would’ent it be funny if the director of this movie is monitoring us and is putting everything we say in his movie?

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