He's Bats, that M- I MEAN, Batman Begins Photo Gallery

55 pictures!

Well, it certainly LOOKS better than any other Batman movie (well, except for the Bat-Tank) now let’s hope it’s as good as it looks!! Crosses fingers

And how about the commercial? I love the part where Wayne says a man would have to be nuts to dress as a bat and fight crime, he he.

Yeah. Anyway… cool photos, Uncle. :cool:

Bet the movie would be better if tim burton directed it.

and the new batmobile looks like a gas guzler. hope waynes fortune holds out.

:moogle: yay ahnold is’ent in it!

You have almost exactly expressed my sentiments here, Wil.

The picture you click to access the gallery looks Photoshopped in the extreme. I hope the movie doesn’t look that way.

Charle: At least this time they are ON THE WOMEN! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Remember the “bat-nipples” from Clooney’s costume? OYYY!!!) ::dekar!::