Hes back...

I know you probably all saw this one in The Dark Knight previews but. . . .

Bum bum bum bumbum, bum bum bum bumbum.

Looks great, especially with Christan Bale. I’m crossing my fingures that its going to be AS good as The Dark Knight. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though.

I miss Arny… :*(

Yeah man I totally forgot about this. It did look good, and I was surprised by Christian Bale taking on the role. But I have to say, I think he can do John Connor better than anybody else has done John Connor.

I still need to watch the first three.

Hopefully he’s not too busy beating his mom :frowning:

I still love him!

Sorcerer, agreed! :smiley:

To Yar, watch the first three or else I will find you and make you watch them! :mwahaha:

And to Laynx, I see no bruises on his mothers face! She just wants money! :bowser:

Originally Posted by Yar Kramer
I still need to watch the first two.


Editor’s note: Despite the fact that I quoted you I’m still surfing on my Wii. I ended up having to do so manually instead.