He's Alive!

Well this is a game seris i thought would never come back,looks good up to now.I wonder if this can make the series ressurect.

Crash Bandicoot? The series never died, they’ve been making them forever, at least, they have in the UK. There’re about 10 games in the series.

Yeah but how many people have really enjoyed the new games as much as the originals,the recent ones sucked compared to the first ones at least that what i think.

I’ve never played them much, I played the first one to the end, and I think I completed the second one once. I’ve played a few others, but I don’t own them. I’ve never been into Crash games really.

I <i>knew</i> he’d have to team up with Doctor Neo Cortex to face some bigger, badder bad guy sooner or later :stuck_out_tongue: