He's a bat, that man

How bout the new Batman movie, huh? I think it’ll be good. but the batmobile looks really gay.

Stop making these godawful puns in your topics on comic book movies. They’re not funny. Or clever.

Go to hell, jerk

Seconded >.>

Anywho, the new Batman movie looks pretty good.

Just wait until we get to, “He’s Spidery, that Man”. :hahaha;

But seriously, this looks like it could be the one Batman movie that gets the character (in the comics) right. I’m definitely seeing it.

He’s Sticky, that Man. >_>

I only want to see it cause the scarecrow is gonna be in it.

I’m looking forward to it too. Christian Bale seems like he’ll make a good Batman…unlike that guy playing Superman… The pictures just confirmed my lack of faith, I’ll still see it since I like Superman and the movie couldn’t be any worse than Superman 4, but the casting (Lois and Clark are just too young) combined with that god-awful Superman (it’s so bad that Christopher Reeve’s costume looks cool) and Clark outfits just do it. I like the new costume in this one. It has enough subtle changes to match today, but not enough to completely change the costume.

Batmobile looks poopy, the rest looks cool.

Scarecrow’s the villan? Damn, I’m definitely seeing this one then. Didn’t the Scarecrow come along in the comics a LOT further on down the road time-wise?

Who’s playing Scarecrow? I wanna see if he can outdo the awesomeness of William Dafoe from Spiderman 1.

so, when does this one come out? I think I’ve seen almost every batman in theatres, can’t break the trend ^^

Bah, even if the Batmobile looks bad, just knowing about what they did with it is good enough.

Wow, I’m surprised you guys know so little about the movie. Haven’t we had some Batman Begins threads here already? That’s why I didn’t make one.

To answer your questions:

*The Scarecrow is ONE of two villains in the movie: the other is Ra’s al Ghul (‘Demon’s Head’ in arabic) THE coolest Batman villain, in my personal opinion. Certainly, the only one who matched Bat’s wits AND fighting ability.

*Both Scarecrow and Ra’s did indeed come late in Batman career’s. But it doesn’t really matter because this movie is NOT a prequel to the other ones- it’s the start of a NEW series of Batman movies. So yeah, expect new versions of Joker, Catwoman, etc. later as well.

*Cillian Murphy (“Cold Mountain”) is the Scarecrow. Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurai”) plays Ra’s.

*Comes out July 15th.

I’d post some pictures, but apparently hotlinking is now considered “bad”. (Nobody told ME.) Anyway, here’s the link to the official website (Note that some of the features are still not working- sloppy job, WB.)


It comes in July 15th ?? I want to see the movie.

Check your link.

I have a bat feeling about this …

We’ll be discussing it on IRC. Same bat time, same #bat.

Top that, fat cat!

Holy 60s bat jokes Batman!