Here's my uninterestingly spooked thoughts og nothing interesting.

k… after the LONG LONG LONG WAITING OF Rejr sdtg… ga… the damn MB loading.

I guess it always starts with something spooky to me. Like the other day when I get a damn chain message… :eek:

Something like “hi my name i s jenna. i am 7 years old with black hair I have no nose and no… (what…was it…) <other face part> if you do not send this to at least 15 people within 5 minutes by 10:22 i will kill you with a knife this is no joke. if you do your phone will ring or you will get a message online…” blah blah

Anyways… it always spooks me when I’m just walking around the house… to my kitchen… and especially with the damn garage light on, making it hard to look outside with the shining of the, oh so bright light. Just makes me think if something wanted to kill me, what the hell would stop it? Like what stops people from doing such… or at least, some. Morals… guh… the system of this world?

Then… is there such a thing? Then if there is… is there a higher rule system to prevent them from doing such?

It just spooks me… yet I can stand brave in the daylight… but… I’m also out the situation there…

EDIT: Oh yea… it also scares me :hyperven: If I DID die… to NOT see my hair at a longer length… ::doh:: … just… saying…

As I showed you in the chat it’s just some sadistic shit that thinks it’s funny to copy The Ring, don’t get so worked up.

Umm… o_O; Irrational fears - I reallyreally hate them.

Don’t beliebve it, the ponly thing powerful enough to do that is the power of light & darkness combined.

Light= the absence of light
Dark= Takes in all light

So therefore, Light can be good & Darkness can be good too. :kissy: