Here's My Post Milestone Bitch

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How many vials of testosterone did you need to inject yourself with zeppelin?

LOL! Zeppelin, you’re my personal hero. In a strictly non-homosexual way :stuck_out_tongue:

ew :stuck_out_tongue:
funny as hell, but ew :stuck_out_tongue:

Ewwww. I didn’t need to see that.

I wanna be like you when I grow older, Zepp.

This thread is even MORE retarted than Bing’s.

So, Mods, closedown, please.

Zep your ‘post-count’ looks really unproportional :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear Wil,

this is how Zeppelin is, he has an odd sense of humor.

Please try not to be offended by his odd jokes.

Offended!? Me? You’ve obviously never seen me joke around with my buds on Friday Nights! :mwahaha:

But, there’s a time and place for everything, and I really wouldn’t like to see RPGC devolve into hosting d*ck jokes. We get visitors of all ages, y’know.

We’ve been making penis size and masturbation criticism since the miva boards. Lighten up Wil.

EDIT: removed because this whole thread is pointless.

If some newb did this it would be ultimate lockdown.

But Bing there’s really no reason to celebrate posts. Honestly. It gets unspecial when you pass the 1000 mark.

Sin: I know, and as I pointed out, my skin is thicker than that.

I’m just worried the likes of Charlemagne or Tenchimaru will start making D*ck threads all over the place.

And, with my point made, I’ll stop posting here lest I be accused of helping keep the thread alive. Goes to find a funnier thread

<img src=“”> Thanks Wil, I have a little more class like that. If I wanted to make dick (NO CENSORING OMGWTF) jokes all the time, they’d be in your ears by now.

EDIT: removed because this whole thread is pointless.

Everybody wins.

Originally posted by Bing
@ Tenchimaru
While I don’t agree with Wil about you being the kind to make that sort of joke, I am surprised you haven’t closed this thread yet yourself, since you seem the more sane type here.

<img src=“”> Well, yeah, you know. I’m awesome and all that, but uhm… I’m not a mod or admin :stuck_out_tongue: Also!

you seem the more sane type here.

That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day, thanks.

Firstly, TD’s not a mod and I’m an admin.

Secondly, you haven’t been around long enough to know we cringe at post count boosters and almost all post count related posts, for reasons like it makes people feel empowered when they have high post counts and they tend to act like jerks and think that it makes them so much better than everyone. While that wasn’t the point of your original thread, we’re pretty quick about dealing with any non-satire that has any potential relation.

Thirdly, add more substance to your claims against single individuals.

And Wil, if your skin was so thick, you’d brush it off and not make a fuss about it and not make baseless claims against other individuals.