Here's a tip

When you have snotty little mods who like excercise their power, with witty little responses like:

Sohee wrote:
Please don’t necropost.

And then lock the post, I find this quite irritating. I had simply been cruising the forums and found this thread on page 3 or 4 and posted my own input.

Here’s the thread:

I wont bother checking this post, it will probably be deleted. I don’t expect you to care, but I for one will not bother coming to these forums again.

If your community isn’t growing, things like this certainly don’t help, FYI.

I think that’s something called… let’s see… DOING THEIR JOB?

Yup. There we go.

How is that witty? Get off your high horse.

Yay! One less idiot roaming the forums! Good job!

And how about listening to what you yourself say? If a thread is on page 3 or 4, it means NOBODY CARES ABOUT IT ANYMORE. If you thing YOU’RE annoyed, how do you think WE feel when someone keeps bringing up dead threads?

Someone’s a prissy little bitch this morning. Necroposting is against the rules, you post on a dead thread then you’re asking for it to get closed.

Actually, necroposting isn’t really against the rules, but it’s frowned upon.

And generally, don’t post in threads that have been dead for a year. And you will check this thread again.

Snotty? he said please. Give him points for that.

And here I thought people in RPGC were a little snappy on the necroposting…I retract that statement, because I never would have guessed someone would get their panties in a knot to this extent over it, geesh.

A great exertion of power, indeed. Stop Sohee before he takes the forums over all for himself.

EDIT: And are you implying that RPGC isn’t growing or wont? it has over a thousand fucking members. Dumbass.

4 Months, Acceptable on some boards but not if it is a popular forum, like Agrora-RPGClassics is. Some have been been closed for ‘Nercoposting’ and spaming after a week, But then it was getting very annoying.

Big Nutter
I have done a 8 months between post in a thread once, and that forum is lax.

there is no rule barring necroposting, but in general it’s best to let old topics (especially on the third or fourth page or from five months ago) be. There wasn’t anything indecent in Sohee’s response and I think you’re overreacting. I’m closing this thread to prevent more flaming on the part of other users.

Meh. Oh well. Not like anything bad at all came of it.
Thanks for sticking up for me though peoples.


Good riddence.

You guys have to stop making these witty ass comments :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah honestly, you’re behaving just as immaturely.

(maybe we should turn this into the next mod-only thread >.>)

Gea babay :smiley:

So…my 1000th post extravaganza is coming up. I think I’ll make a question thread soon. I’ve been waiting so long to do one, lol :stuck_out_tongue: I love tlaking about myself, but I don’t like to look like I’m whoring for attention, so this will be theraputic for me…I hope. :stuck_out_tongue: