Here goes nothing...

I’ve been peeking around a bit, and so far I think this is the best place to begin. If I’m wrong, please forgive me and direct me to the proper place to introduce myself. As an introduction: I love to roleplay, pretty much anything really. I guess you could say I’m more of a romance roleplayer, but it gets a little old sometimes, so recently I have been seeking a new place to roleplay. Looks like I finally found somplace. I love questions, so ask away, I can also accept constructive criticism so…if I sound stupid or anything, let me know. As a new poster on this site, I must admit I am a little nervous so…that’s that then. Hello :slight_smile:


Yaay, you like Phantom of the Opera too! :smiley:

Can’t get enough ^_~

We don’t have a much of a roleplaying focus on the site, but there is a Free Roleplaying forum that’s very frequently used.

Welcome. There are never enough Canadians around here.

Hi and welcome! You won’t see ME around too much, I don’t post very often anymore.

But welcome anyway.


Hello…Welcome to the forums…I hope you will help bring the role-playing forum back to life…

I remembered that one dark, haunted night I accidentally wandered into the RP forum…

Welcome! I love RPing so you’ll probably see me round that board a lot…anyways the people here are real nice so don’t worry and theres loadsa people to help you if you need anything. Welcome again :D:D

Hi, welcome, I like to rp too, and have just started becoming a more active member so you might see me a lot too! Although some of the other members might warn you about my little, oddities ^^!

Yes…Like your obsession with zombies…And my obsession with cats and vampires…And do you still have your sanity?If you do you should leave it behind…You won’t need it here…Hehe…I like trucks…That is all…For now…I’ll probably post later…Bye…For now…

he’s got a point

he’s got a point

Click here for a special welcome message! :slight_smile:

No need to be nervous, <strike>new person</strike> Musical Malice. You seem to have a solid comprehension of the English language, so that’s a plus. Don’t judge us too much by this thread, as introduction topics tend to make people around here act stupid(er). Have fun.

Welcome! I got some questions for you seeing you like them so much…

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Seems to me more like a question.

: ‘Hello,’ said Mr. Waving Smilie shortly before failing a saving throw against ‘Berserk.’