Here be Dragons...

“Dragons” offers viewers a look at these creatures from the inside out. The show imagines how dragons would have evolved into a number of different species though the ages and around the globe, and how each dragon species was endowed with physical adaptations and behaviors specialized for its environment.

Dwaggins! :biggrin:

Okay, this has piqued my interest. I’m gonna watch that, no doubt.

I still wonder how they could’ve become extinct. I’ve always believed they were real, but have wondered, “These creatures were extremely powerful, I don’t think humans could’ve completely eradicated them.”

My hypothesis is a drastic climate change int he world caused their extinction…a FEW dragons survived, but those were removed by humans during the Dark & Mediaval ages.

Quite a theory you have there…

Quite the theory. It’s just too bad there’s no archaeological evidence for dragons, unless you think dinosaurs were the dragons in question.

Yea, I don’t believe it’s possible for any creature to just ‘breathe fire’, so they could’ve just been dinosaurs. Another point is, if they DO have legends that are that old & are so widespread…there has to be SOME truth to it.

and yeah, you know, with all the ancient alien stuff too. Maybe the aliens abducted the dinosaurs?

Ignoring the fact that they are doing a scientific research about something that does not exist, this sounds pretty cool. I wonder how they are going to explain the differences between the occidental and oriental representations of dragons.

We’ll just have to watch to find out.

Oooo, dragons. Now I finally got a reason to watch Animal Planet.

It sounds interesting. I don’t believe in dragons but they put forth an interesting hypothesis.

This is not a subject that should be pondered in reality.

Its just a bunch of nerdy scientists who wanted to go on a quest to find +2 Dragon Scale Mail and still get paid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, sounds neat. Animal planet rocks.

Wonder if they’ll sell them on ebay…? Checks bank account via online

I have no cable television. Though I do not get many bad programmes, I miss a few good programmes, too.

how can you not have cable? Not even satelite or anything? You are missing out on more than a little.

DWAGGINS OMGWTF@()&#*($&(#&$ goes nuts

Must. See. NOW.

Someone in Canada or California should tape it for you and send it.

I think I’ll watch that. If I’m not working, that is.

Hell, the fact I have to work is the only reason I’m even up at 9 AM.