Hemp waffles!

Don’t bother with sissy Eggo waffles.


Hey, more and more choices for a healthier most important meal of the day. Let 'em come ^^

Besides, if there’s no substance left that causes intoxication, where’s the gig? The actual process where they make these products, when they possess the said substances?

i think the lady on the natures path website seemed a little too happy. maybe she got some ‘bad’ product

Because we all know being happy in this sick sad world must be drug induced.



It’s the Only wasy to Fly!!![/b]

But… Leggo my Eggo! :frowning:

I Like Eggs!!!
I like Coffee!!!

Big Nutter
I like Beans!!!

Rope waffles?

I’m too young to die!!1 Don’t hang me!!!111

Big Nutter

Fear tah uber Hemp!

Can I smoke 'em?

They say their stuff has no drug content. But if they really want to do some clean waffles and other food, why don’t they simply pick another plant instead of cannabis?

Shit, if I want food with cannabis, I’ll bake some brownies…heh heh heh.