What are some good places where I can make some free messageboards?

Doesn’t anyone use Google anymore?

Originally posted by Epicgamer
Doesn’t anyone use Google anymore?

Now why would we do that? Oh, and I have no idea where to find that.

Oh and Epic, I use Yahoo!

Yahoo uses Google’s search engine. They just add a bunch of useless crap you don’t need.

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Search Technology provided by Google

Someone likes Yahoo more then Google?

If Google provided e-mail,I would use that instead of yahoo.

If you can navigate it’s stupidly slow menus, does free ones.

phpBB, and a free host with php and mySQL, like

Oooh, thanks Nulani!

Lesse…here, here and of course, here.

EzBoard works if you don’t have your own space to host the boards on.

Wow, I could use these for my site. & Nul…did you put that broken sign on my index page? Maybe it was Zyprx…

yoshmeister linked up Invision… I know people who have had really good luck with them… so if you are still trying to choose…