Help with zero mission!

Ok im trying to find some power bombs before i face mother brain, but im not haveing any luck with it. Anyone know where i can find some?

Think I better Spoiler this, since it’s still a pretty new game…

Don’t bother looking right now, you won’t be able to get any Power Bombs yet… Big Momma isn’t the final boss this time 'round.

I know that Macc but unless there is a way to get back to it from the space pirate ship, there must be a way to get some before you face mother brain

<img src=“”> There aren’t any, they’re all on the pirate ship. Sorry.

Ok i have already beaten the game so i have the checklist on the side of the map. According to that there is one in Norfair and one in Crateria, but i cant find them >.< so i guess the new question is

Can you (after you get the power ups from the chozo runis boss on the pirate ship) get back to Norfair or even Brinstar?

Yep, you can go back. I’ll give you a hint rather than completely giving it away: You utilize a trick similar to one that’s used in Super Metroid, and the trick involves Power Bombs.