Help with X-2...

So I finally get the search sphere on the go and manage to track down the ciphers, which are 9089 in that order. I run to the cave and enter it; nothing. I try again, just in case. Nothing. I try every possible combination of the numbers. Still nothing.

Has anyone else had a problem like this, or know what to do? >.>;

I had trouble with that too. I spent over an hour going back and forth relooking at all numbers and trying every combination I could see. 3 of the numbers were hard to read so they could have been 1 of 3 or 4 digits and it was a pain in the ass. I finally gave up and said it wasnt worth it. Even though I had all 4 numbers found, i ended up saying screw it heh.

You’re certain that you didn’t misread that “8”? It could be a “6”.

Yeah, the numbers are really close to each other. If you’re not sure, play a game of Sphere Break to see what the numbers look like. O_o
Also note that they might not be in the order you saw them, so you’ll probably have to move them around. Yeah, what a pain. -_-

And just so you know, the only real thing in the second half of the cave is a Garment Grid. Nothing really awesome.

I’d like you to point you to the FAQ atGameFAQs by Split Infinity, which is being proofread by me. </shameless plug>

But you can zoom in using the R buttons.

I’ve zoomed in as far as possible, and I looked at that FAQ. Nothing. I’ve found it good otherwise though. I’ll always look at the FAQ with the biggest filesize, heh.

Aren’t the order of the ciphers (for the second set with the Besaid key) randomized? If you have all 4 numbers just try every possible combination and you’ll hit it eventually.

Maybe this will help:

-The number on top of the temple is the FIRST cypher.

-The number on top of the cliff is the SECOND cypher.

-The number on top of the waterfall is the THIRD cypher.

-The number on top of a palm tree is the FOURTH cypher.

And beware confusing 1 with 7 and 5 with 6.