Help with Trigun episode *possible spoilers*

Okay I have been yelled at for not watching Trigun. But I might have seen it before but I need some help.

I have seen Wolfwood and his giant cross, that’s why I’m now asking.

So far I remember a monk was playing with Tarot cards (why? may sound contradictary huh?) and he pulls out The Devil. Worried he goes to warn the what I think is Wolfwood. But while the monk was inside the church, Wolfwood was outside and ducktaped the whole church with the cross blocking the door.

Then the scene moves to a fight between some guy with shades and the Wolfwood-type person and they were fighting with a baseball bat, frying pan and the frying pan turned into a bazooka…

Though I didn’t see a Vash. SO is it Trigun? Or does anybody know which anime this is?

And on a side note, if a graphic novel which originates in the US with manga styled artwork, is it still considered manga? Or should it be called gaijin manga or something like that. I might be asian but I’m not japanese.

It’s not Trigun sadly, and I don’t really know much about manga. But check out Trigun though, it rocks.

Definitely not Trigun.

As to your other question, I’m fairly certain there’s a phrase for that. Might be Gaijin Manga, but I think they’re called either Manga Novels or just plain Graphic Novels.

Okay then.

Does anybody know any anime that has a guy holding a giant cross as a weapon?

There’s another that isn’t Trigun that I know of. I don’t remember the name, but it’s badass. The cross is made of platinum with gold swirlies, and it straps to his arm. The long end has a little knob where he can fire lightning, and the other end has a spike for punching people. It was a fansub, so it could be anything.