Help with Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne? {PS2}

I don’t quite understand How to make the main guy or “Hero” Gain abiltys. He seems to learn them at random. I know that injesting “Magatama” has somthing to do with it. But I’m still unsure hw it works in a whole. Also, I think I’m missing abiltys. Which can’t be a good thing in a game as hard as This. >.>

Also, I’ve Been playing FF10… Blitzball rocks! :hyperven:

Magatamas give abilities at certain levels. You need to have reached at least that level to learn an ability from them. Check gamefaqs for a complete list of what magatama teaches what ability at what level.

Does this mean that if I miss that level, I can’t ever get whatever abilty I was supposed to learn again? If thats the case I think I might have to start all over. :bowser:

No, but it means you won’t be able to get that skill again until your next levelup.

Which puts off other skills you’d normally get, etc.

SMT:N is a game I really, really suggest you play through with FAQs. Restart while you can.

(Also, keep Pixie and never dump her. You’ll thank me later.)

I usually don’t like using facts. Kinda takes the fun out of the game. But thats just me. However, I rarely really understand what exactly going on in this game for whatever reason. So I think I’ll take you advice

This game needs it so badly.

What he said.

Yeah, this is a 100 hour game with guides, probably more like 15 hours before you give up out of frustration without. Demon fusion without guides is a fools errand and demon fusion is quite vital to success in this game.