Help With NWN2

Ok, so I got the silver shard…but there’s a slight glitch. The “let’s go” dialogue doesn’t appear and when I return to West Harbor, Daeghun doesn’t recognize the fact that I actually DO have the silver shard. Anything I can do to fix this or am I gonna have to start a new game?

Fuck it, I’m gonna edit this post so I can come to the following conclusion about NWN2. I loved Baldur’s gate and the first NWN. But I have come to the conclusion that:
NWN2= The equivalent to Windows Vista if Windows Vista were a video game.

Both are overpriced betas, both are still being patched like a motherfucker, they both freeze/crash at inopportune moments, and both are resource hogs. I think someone else said this before when I was reading the archives, but they were spot on. I have oficially given up on this game, and as soon as i get an XP copy, I’m done with Vista as well. I had no choice on the matter on Vista, since I got this notebook as a gift. Come tax time, I’m scrapping Vista, and replacing it with XP. XP is a better OS, IMHO. I’ll still run Ubuntu on a dual boot, though.

This thread is officially over. Lock/purge plz.